Keywords Guiyang website optimization ranking takes a long time

, 4 popular keywords



is generally popular keywords do home time is 6 months or 6 months or more, the popular keyword search volume every day nearly 1000, and the emergence of a large number of popular search keywords love Shanghai auction sites at home. For example, the "plastic" this word is generally popular keywords, the average search volume over 1000, and there are a large number of bidding links. Another feature is generally popular keywords is the home page column page rank or station.

Guiyang website optimization ranking takes a long time, Guizhou once network that website optimization appeared decided to optimize the length of time. Keywords divided into popular keywords, keywords, generally popular keywords and popular keywords, super hot. Keywords the greater the degree of competition ranking to the first page of the longer, keyword competition means not only the keyword search index also contains keywords and keywords commercial profits level. Guizhou: commercial network that was mainly refers to the keywords love Shanghai, mainly from the level of profits at home site strength.

3, generally popular keyword

popular keywords such as "Guizhou Romon suits" such words do time may be more than one year, this is the basic search keywords home station page ranking, basically no enterprise home page ranking. Popular keywords need optimization and promotion team together, and also need to combine marketing to be the ranking of the first page. It is not recommended to optimize individual popular keywords.

general popular keywords of the first page of the time is about 1-2 months, popular keywords are those keywords in search index less than 100, and the search keywords in Shanghai home love no love Shanghai, and set up enterprise station page ranking keywords called popular keywords. Very high use value of popular keywords, because of the first page of the cost is very low. For example, a lot of long tail keywords is popular keywords, these popular keywords every day brings a IP accumulated to bring a large number of users, and the conversion of the long tail word rate is very high.



general do time is 3-6 months, if the optimization foundation is very good can do ranked in 3-4 months. Keywords general daily search index 100 – 300 between the search keywords are generally home enterprise station home page ranking, to second pages or most enterprise station home page ranking, and there will be a small amount of love Shanghai auction website ranking and station page ranking.

super popular keywords, such as "car" life of these common words, these words daily search volume may reach tens of thousands, and the home is a large portal.

, 1 popular keywords super popular keywords Keywords , general

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