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search engine is a kind of get traffic channels, all of the

remember, as a search engine, it is just a channel or get traffic tools, it is not all of the web site. Or some people think it sounds unbelievable, left the search engine you can do what

review: June 22nd domestic search engine boss love a large area of Shanghai K station, many grassroots webmaster in this hot summer a bit of irritability, head of the forum every day is unusually hot, eight or nine owners have been affected. After many webmaster love in retaliation for Shanghai set up anti love Shanghai alliance crazy click on PPC ads.

6.22 event data survey line chart

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easy to fall into the quick mind.


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back to the incident has passed more than two months, when you are playing cool or radical rebels, as a part of the domestic Internet practitioners, for this event we should have more in-depth reflection. We wish to make an assumption, suppose that when you wake up one day and found that global search engines are shut down, then the domestic webmaster to this one from decide on what path to follow? That I think we as a webmaster in site operators need to make a change, have their own user groups is fundamental to the successful operation of the website so, we can be in an invincible position in the turbulent environment in search engine.

to K in the above event review event, so we can roughly say mainly because this part of the site by K ignore the user experience, rely solely on the Shanghai dragon to get traffic. The Shanghai dragon has been defined as an integral part of the site operation, the Shanghai dragon we can simply say for search engine spiders for playing some small smart, but we don’t forget as a search engine, the hundreds of engineers do not tip is a vegetarian, the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon is the user is. The transformation, so whether the chain or content, and contrary to the wishes of the user is to be search engine politics.

visitors love is really reasonable


the answer is very simple, that is to do the brand, the brand is a sign that it is not limited to a corporate brand, also can make the personal brand, such as the Zac master of Shanghai Longfeng daily post blog. Lu Songsong Lu Songsong blog, I believe that many webmaster are very familiar with this blog, and subscribe to a collection of them, this is actually a kind of brand effect, even if one day the search engine disappeared, presumably to get traffic these two waves can be no less from the subscription and collection. Of course to do personal or enterprise online brand building is not a short duration of time that the webmaster to from the long-term perspective, make the website operation ideas perfect.

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