According to Shanghai dragon feature production and optimization techniques

for network editor, according to different material selection often need to make corresponding topics, which has become the essential skill of network editing. However, at present our editorial in making thematic only from the topic of the content and appearance of the page, often overlooked on the topic of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Although the promotion project, Shanghai dragon is just one but not all, but if there is no Shanghai dragon concept promotion do always feel lack of essence. This section, from the special day edge for everyone in the making of code optimization, content selection, etc. briefly expounds the forum layout.

information: day edge (Zhang Zhigang)

code optimization: the current network editor friends do special pursuit mainly has two aspects, one is content, the two is beautiful. Although this requires no ground for blame in the pursuit of beauty, but often with a large number of high pixel images, flash, can produce special effects, as well as some high-level language for considering nested iframe. As a result, although the topic vivid beautiful, but in fact to the search engine crawling has brought great difficulties, the use of high pixel image and a large number of flash to make the whole project page bloated, patient user can afford a page open time is generally not more than 3S, the search engine crawler is the same, when long time crawling incomplete pages, are more likely to give up crawling on this page. So, we should try to avoid using too much flash in the design of the webpage, the big picture is the best with the slice tool all cut into small map, in order to reduce the loading time. In addition, the use of iframe on the page, the search engine is a new one to distinguish between the new page of the page, so whether you consider how to optimize this topic has nothing to do with this iframe page. In order to make the project more lively, may use a large number of high-level languages, search engine crawlers can not be recognition of these languages, so the page length in this code is not friendly to the search engine. The solution is a high-level language used in all of the page write the corresponding.JS file, you can directly call the local needs.


this section as "network editing content optimization Practical Handbook": "for Shanghai Longfeng feature production and optimization techniques, the copyright belongs to the author, authorized China station (www.chinaz贵族宝贝) released.


section of the layout and content selection: often make special editor friend, should be a lot of will use CSS+DIV. Here the "layout" is actually the code on the page, we will put the topic into several large, perhaps on the page because of the need of the content layout has been fixed, so in the code we need to arrange each block according to the order of our optimization ideas. Some friends have a habit.

five, according to the Shanghai Longfeng feature production and optimization techniques of

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