Entrepreneurs don’t come first The new district is not your Utopia300 thousand headlines monthly a

in income, 300 thousand account accounts, 30 million yuan


the distance from Beijing West Railway Station to Xiongxian is not more than 1 hours. A sales office was filled with ">"

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Zhang Yiming believes that the content of gold mining text can still, after a short video content business become the next outlet, the reason is: in the video of the "production" and "distribution" and "interactive" 3 links, great changes have occurred.

says production first. The video production threshold has dropped to very much

in fact, there is no clear description of the future of the cultural industry in the New District, and the "cultural center" has long been recognized as the capital’s core function. But at this point in time, any opportunity is worth considering. Minsheng Securities Research Institute pointed out in the new interpretation of male analysis, relatively developed areas north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other culture, "cultural enterprises in Hebei are mostly in the initial stage, culture media belongs to the blue ocean market, government departments have more power to increase cultural enterprise capital process".

in the streets and lanes brought to the construction of the new town of the people, and their understanding of the chain reaction specific xiongan district. In the announcement in the evening of April 1st, the establishment of the new district was defined by the official media as "Millennium Project" and "state affairs", and was interpreted as a bearer of non capital functions and a bridgehead for future scientific and technological innovation.

months live users over 130 million

since April 1st evening, announced the establishment of the new male zone, composed of three districts of the new County, ushered in the attention of the outside world, the three ordinary North China county has lost its former calm.

he made three judgments on content entrepreneurship, think the next content of entrepreneurship tuyere in short video, the next 12 months, today’s headlines to come up with 1 billion yuan to support short video content entrepreneurs.

drying data: 300 thousand accounts, monthly accounts 30 million yuan,

in September last year at today’s headlines creators conference, the headline number of messages is very clear, that is, to make money from the media. At that time, Zhang Yiming said let 1000 headlines get 10000 dollars a month at least. In today’s event announced cash:

content entrepreneurship under an air outlet in short video

from 1992 to 2016 the establishment of state-level new district

, but the new identity has penetrated into every New District People’s hearts. The subtle atmosphere of the street pervaded the air. The streets of the car stay in a variety of dependencies, from Hebei to Beijing, Tianjin, Henan, everything. The most deserted hotel has been booked up before I come, and I can only stay in my classmate’s house for the time being.

at this time last year, the headline number has 35 thousand accounts, the platform is divided into 3 million yuan a month. Now, the headline has 300 thousand accounts, including text, pictures and videos, including news, personal, government, corporate and social organizations. Platform single monthly divided into 30 million yuan. This figure does not include media copyright cooperation.

Zhang Yiming

The heat of

, a whirlwind of executive orders, swept across China, so the birth of the New District became the news of the holiday. New millennium plan for china. As a home where the county was designated in the district outside of Baoding, after nearly two days after I arrived at the news bombing, Anxin and Xiongxian on the morning of April 3rd, the two in the male District core position of the county.

we are not only attracted by the ambitious news, but also want to see if this place is suitable for recreation and entrepreneurship. Compared with the Internet, entertainment business projects grow more slowly, and also have higher requirements for resources, whether the future of male security can have the appropriate industry base or environment?

‘s content does not seem to have passed. Today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming today out of the headline number, set up 1st Anniversary transcripts: 300 thousand accounts, monthly accounts of 30 million yuan, each month has more than 50000 headlines to earn income. There are 1020 creators, each month in the headline number of more than 10000 yuan.

for the outsiders, the night of the birth of the new security zone is still a news only in the "Utopia."". Anxin and Xiongxian, the two seat before I came to the county seat, certainly not because of policy changes and announced immediately turn the world upside down. Like many northern counties, the low gray houses built in 80s and 90s occupied most of the two counties, with street stalls and free parking, making streets somewhat cluttered. There are few taxi, pedicab carrying red electric dust roaring in the county all the streets.

at this time last year, today’s headlines have 300 million cumulative active users, 30 million active users, monthly active users more than 75 million, the average daily use of each user more than 47 minutes. Headlines read a total of 510 million daily content, of which the headline number of articles accounted for 370 million, accounting for about 70%.

today, today’s headlines have a total of 550 million active users, 60 million active users, more than 130 million monthly active users, each user of daily use more than 76 minutes long, every day reading the total number is 1 billion 970 million, which is 1 billion 830 million times the number of reading headlines, accounting for over 90%. According to data service provider QuestMobile, the top 2 monthly usage times in mobile apps are WeChat, today’s headlines.

currently has more than 50000 headlines per month to earn revenue. There are 1020 creators, each month in the headline number of more than 10000 yuan.

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