Three principles of website promotion can not blindly effect

first, promotion is a complementary process, not in a way to go black. In the actual operation process, we will find a lot of friends blindly believe some of the popular products, such as WeChat. Watching others do WeChat marketing to earn money, he will do, to promote their products, but the money is not, in the end even at WeChat is not. In fact, try to see the problem from many angles, those suitable for WeChat promotion basically is a common thing in life, such as mask, watches, sports shoes such as rigid products. The rigid demand for this kind of thing is relatively large, but the price is not very expensive. We accept them is more appropriate, if you are a home appliance, then you go to the road of WeChat marketing is clearly not appropriate, contrary to the forum Post Bar do some marketing effect will be better. This is a very simple truth, not on the Internet which product is the most suitable for promotion, some means of promotion or to see their own product attributes, but we have to understand that the promotion is steps and techniques, we cannot expect a means of promotion can not only bring us flow can also bring the conversion rate, we should combine multiple channels together. Do you like the beauty of marketing in WeChat, then after the drainage will need to do some keywords ranking in the search engine, make brand credibility. This is the whole promotion process must pay attention to.

for website promotion, I think we are not unfamiliar. In this era of resources is too fierce fighting, will not engage in marketing, not to promote their own development, the website will become a very serious problem. Of course, we are gradually aware of serious problems, from WeChat, micro-blog to the regular forum we are Post Bar, doing marketing in hard, and hope to obtain more stable and high quality traffic from search engines. But sometimes, we can not be too blind for the promotion, not in order to promote to promote, and understand the principles of truth should be the promotion process, understand some of their own how much. It is with a cavity blood to do promotion, it is only a head-on blow to their. In fact, in my opinion, there are four main principles of website promotion need to pay attention to.

second, promotion to watch user, not outright other. Many people have always been a believer in the promotion is to write soft, moisturizes things in silence, let users feel you in advertising, but the user is not aware of this advertisement is in the promotion of products, it will not produce enough strong desire to buy, then you have to promote hair ah this is? It is now generally existing problems, including implicit storage of respect, from the promotion to product conversion abduction several bends, in fact I’m not saying that we should promote the simple and crude, but must not overdo sth.. Such as selling egg on WeChat 90, the name is not said, he did not do the promotion, WeChat, said he sold one egg, you may need to buy. But every day to share some egg market, some knowledge about soil egg paste, such as nutrients are most suitable for which age >

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