The website is to flow or high conversion

website has a large number of clicks, keyword ranking was enhanced, and into the flow of the other pages can promote the keywords ranking, and ranking on the site, natural flow will also change, this is a benign cycle, and according to a study of data information provided by the teachers Road explosion also, the website is natural PV and the conversion rate is proportional to the charge is not to get the result of this

traffic and conversion rate of all sites is pursuit of things, but also evaluation is an important index for a web site, said the site is going to flow or high conversion of this problem, I believe many web site optimization personnel have met, today the author according to their own experience to talk about some personal views.

wood Shanghai, just want to say, what are the high conversion, profitability is more willing to see the boss. The website ranking is not good, wasn’t much traffic, but also what the high conversion, playing what high attitude. In fact, the boss is the pursuit of profit. 300 IP, 10 turnover, conversion rate is 3.3%, and 800 IP, 200 turnover, the conversion rate is 2.5%. Do you think the business owner more love to see what

When the



remember: when you succeed, others will only see your aura, you won’t remember a failure and darkness. The same site, despite some deceptive behavior in the process of attracting click, but as long as the ranking is up, you will get more clicks, more traffic, more profits. So don’t be turned on

be a case of a web site keywords is always the love Shanghai ninth, have been on the go, then directly through the QQ mail and call the user through the forum to lure plus love Shanghai search for the keyword Click to enter the site, in the elicitation process can make use of some skills to let users click on multiple pages. Reduce the rate of jump out, here not much said. Results 1 months after the keyword row to third. Of course, to induce a large number of users need to click "enter the top 2 search results page after page, because no how many people to click, even if your induction is very good, others are not willing to go so far to you, will be more or less damage in the process of user experience, so I have to give them on site as far as possible to avoid the needs of users.



many enterprise executives have love high conversion rate, think this is effective, it is a good user experience, this is the only decent thing, but in the pursuit of high conversion website, many executives insist on the chain and soft site must be in place the largest user base, it is not the place so, some do not let the optimization researchers introduced a lot of traffic, unless it is valuable, and resolutely resist some induced click, search even seen a competent company from all employees to click into your own web site, and these are in order to ensure high conversion.

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