The use of the most popular event for the site to flow

three. The higher quality

included the article, included after have a kind of ranking, love Shanghai now these two weights with the site still close, want to do those huge flow of words, the website is certainly to have a certain weight, otherwise the effect will be very poor. So if the site is new, the weight is low enough, or to enhance the website weight.

two. Select the

these extremely popular words can often bring a lot of traffic to the site, but many owners may be what has not been found in Shanghai, and even love their articles are not included. The popular event flow, as well as some of the more important conditions, in order to achieve better effect than others. Should have these conditions can achieve good effect:

The quality of the

four. Whether the site has certain weight

for event selection, the best choice of the popular events, people or less, others have not found, their website has been collected, so as to achieve the ideal effect.

Tianjin worth e-commerce www.worthsoft贵族宝贝.cn submission.

determines whether the article was collected, included after another kind of ranking, Google’s focus on this aspect. This requires a certain writing ability, to provide users with a readable articles. Only know how to reprint articles others, will not bring much effect, even not be included.

takes a lot of time every day, pay more attention to the big news you can understand the relevant search volume, can also see the hot events happen every day, then the time for analysis, whether by many large sites of concern. If an event has occurred in many large sites, basically you are to compete with their.

said the flow will certainly involve the site keywords and use a hot event to flow, there must be a unique research on keywords. Keywords is not only optimized by the inside of the word, unless your site is high weight station, select the keywords ranking perhaps. In fact many people’s website is a green hand, hot words are not what optimization advantages, can only choose the expansion words popular keywords in optimization, this type of keywords only to analysis and Research on it.


has many webmaster use love holidays or popular events to drainage. The love Shanghai Billboard Hot events list into real-time hotspot information such as the death of Jobs in the first time capture, or the use of the national holiday, such as just past the National Day, Mid Autumn Festival and other ways to get traffic.

. A high weight website on

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