What is good in the eyes of the contents of the search engine

first, the search engine will seriously despise this website, do not want to score will not work, reminder, love Shanghai and Google now has the ability to capture part of the call to JS, it is guest program, pulling down the mouse, pull down several pages, only to see the love of Shanghai, that is able to identify. Love Shanghai to identify the page in front of a long JS call.

enhance the user value, basically is a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, but how to meet the needs of users, but always not an absolute statement, but the following points, we must pay attention to: (interactive page retention time, message, comment, attention, subscription), reprint (chain), don’t always Guzhe write the article a strength, should pay attention to the comments, there can be added on the message board, micro-blog etc..

increased with user acceptance


finally, love is advertising, Shanghai pomegranate algorithm, surely we all know? Many novels and television station station are severely affected, then, said the site can not advertise? Of course not, can do, but advertising should be placed where is a very important problem, if it is at the top of the page there is a guest in Taobao JS call advertising, not necessarily by search engines love.

secondly, we should make the article have a sense of hierarchy, such as adding a small title, in the article, 2, 3, 1 increase in number 4. The use of punctuation marks, such as book name, double quotes, which can also make it more substantial factors.

increases the readability of

second, Taobao alliance will such a model as illegal, it really is not an exaggeration, if your home is above call guest program, here are a few articles not much, this model is the Taobao Union in violation of provisions, "

ignorant black hat

have you ever had this behavior, use a zblog or WordPress station, but to build a guest program site in the two catalog, for example, a lot of dark Empire and pinphp, in essence, such behavior is very naive, but it is undeniable, this mode is also once hot. Before the guest blog more than once seen similar websites, in this regard, I want to say, this kind of pattern has three major drawbacks:

Taobao guest must understand some of the Shanghai dragon, the deep meaning of the search engine can not read your article, the search engine a quality suggestive of poetry or painting he did not understand, but he can read the page form, so how to enhance the search engine in the eyes of the rich handsome image of

first, don’t question the search engine’s intelligence, it can identify the paragraph, how to identify the paragraph by paragraph? Code recognition, various tag elements like, and so on, can be the search engine, the search engine will think you more substantial emphasis.

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