W3SO webmaster ranking all how you look

W3SO station network, the author’s attention to this site, not for anything else, because W3SO webmaster is propped up by a webmaster, I really admire the head of the executive power, because up site management as a similar industry website, after all, is very troublesome, this website is by general the service team. And the W3SO Adsense nets webmaster is almighty webmaster, web site as the procedure, content editing and optimization of large and small things, but also made fast.

: a website content is the biggest cause of K. W3SO webmaster network content 90% is collected, believe that many webmaster know that a few days ago a webmaster wrote by W3SO webmaster nets to collect blog content, not to be collected by K blog article, indeed, W3SO webmaster web site content acquisition over the original site, the proportion of value too small collection content > original content = website of poor quality. The search engine will be judged as natural mirror sites, natural ranking hopeless.

three: website head by advertisements. As a web page head, we should first present is the most important thing is to show to the user site essence, and the W3SO Adsense nets page head hung a big advertisement, and website navigation under pressure, which is also a major mishap, for a non the website of the brand making, is definitely not a wise choice.

two: link to purchase form. In the W3SO Adsense nets page we can see that the number of Links numbered, scanty, but we use Adsense tools check the number of anti chain website can be found, not only the number of more than 140, but there are a number of high weight website one-way links, this is undoubtedly the purchase link, and in Shanghai a few of the update algorithm it has been clear that the super – upgrade, chain cheating algorithm linked to the sale behavior reminder, selling links will also hit. So the website search engine targeted is inevitable.

In fact,

, W3SO for the network owners in the fall event, the author analyzes several reasons, reference:

four: Tag tags flood. In the W3SO Adsense nets, Tag tag is abuse, almost every page left by Tag label was packed, and did not follow the proper application of the principle of everything has two sides, the use of Tag tag is a very large impact on the ranking, but a few years ago since the search engine standard Tag tags, the excessive use of Tag tags has become the site row >

recently, W3SO webmaster network recently encountered trouble — no ranking. Prior to this, the website ranking is very good, as the owners of the home, and Shanghai dragon nets etc. several popular keywords are once crowded on the home page, but the big update in this love Shanghai, W3SO webmaster not withstand the test, search engines are destroyed, in the fall in 100 outside.

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