The medical industry network marketing a

, a brand website: these sites to review information strictly, when users publish information easily encounter information is identical, the same IP information over time so that users in these websites need to pay attention to the information release information is fine, but is not, we can try a message written, your need to express things are written in, for example, in the first paragraph or even the first sentence referred to their website name or domain, at the end of Wenzhou to put their contact information into account, to introduces the characteristics of their own, to maximize the dissemination of information.

three, the other site is just started, but has not yet reached the ability to charge, such as a >


third party information website at first glance it seems not what the law, but mainly concentrated on the study of you, you will find there are a lot of know-how, make good use of these tips can achieve a multiplier effect. Now the third party information website can be divided into the following types: the brand (people, 58 city, go to the market), hanging business charges (good speakers, Yi Long Business Network) and other websites.

two, hang business website: these sites are now charging, and many sites are search engine drill loopholes, many websites from sea love received the love of Shanghai banned the entire second life cycle is probably a few months, few sites can survive for a year, but many enterprises rely on such a short the time to earn the full bowl full, wait until the site was shut again and started another website. Now most of the fire site should be a good speaker, daily charging member is about 3 or so, each membership fees of about 6000, after the user registration in this website can release 50 information in there every day, but basically the release of information are the same, with the sea included is also very good, a so this kind of marketing method is also a widely used web site.

I am now responsible for network marketing in a private hospital work, contact the medical industry network marketing has been more than a year of time, feel every day in the progress, besides hard, of course, also have a happy trouble. The ultimate goal of network marketing is to get the conversion, to the hospital benefits, the more complicated the work needs, is part of a clear idea in the minds of people, it is very easy to be such a state: feel very busy every day, do a lot of work, but the flow is not. Our hospital network marketing mainly has the following several parts: love Shanghai auction, QQ group, advertising investment, quiz, information release and the third party website Shanghai dragon. Of course, different time will have some difference in the emphasis, the marketing methods are written out takes up a lot of words, so I put it into and to write, today is first of all say that some experience of the three party information website, I believe we will certainly help.

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