Share 30 days to use keywords to the first page of the blog sprocket skills

five, more than a single site within the chain. Later, in between the different sites to the chain link, the link has included a good article into friendship, form more superior links, such as the purple link.

method is not mentioned above are a few days can be formed, the stationmaster need long-term efforts. This paper is published in the Fuzhou Shanghai dragon Feifei Shanghai dragon Shanghai Dragon Technology Blog www.ff-贵族宝贝, please keep the connection


four, released after the export blog address, so that when the next release from the new import, such as the second groups out of the released address recorded until the next release third group the second group release adhesive address up, the cycle makes a huge formation between blog links.

blog group, registered blog will put these accounts are grouped, so that after the hair chain needs. For example, the 100 account can be divided into ABCDE5 groups, the first group out of second groups, such as continuously released.


, a daily registered a number of blogs, some sites due to a IP a day can only register several accounts, the economy permitting to buy a VPN, registered account to fill in the blog theme, describing some details, not completed in several weeks.


Three, !

six, how to hand, can consider to do blog outside of the link, link up in purple, do some favorites or bookmarks, save the blog page form links more superior, this round has formed a super link be accomplished.

blog, registered after the first do not send the link to the article, wait for the income after normal began publishing links. Do not skip this step. A large part of the webmaster because of the promotion of eager, just registered good website began publishing links, this often leads to the possibility of direct account was closed.

as long as the website optimization that content is king, the chain for the emperor, I am not here to say how important the chain, everyone knows, everyone will have a blog, but why is the difference between them, some webmaster Dan Danfa blog can stand in an invincible position, the site ranked first, I would like to introduce the following a blog style. The blog is not a short duration of time will be able to reach the effect of sprocket, first from the registered blog began to get up to the Sina, love Shanghai, 163, Sohu, and go to the blog, the first few published some articles have no connection to a period of time, until the normal income, can begin to release the link at this time, but first you have to blog divided into several groups, after the blog address recorded until the next release of the blog blog address pasted on the bottom, increase the degree of correlation between blog and blog. This can increase the weight of the blog. Specific operation method is as follows:

There are some spare time

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