The basic knowledge about the website of Shanghai dragon with DEDE CMS

the reason ibid, as long as the keywords cover does not affect the user experience can be.


of the above words covers requirements.


1-b: title

the answer is no.. The author suggests that writing above the headline: Beijing Zhongguancun moving company Tel: 010-XXXXXXXX, and set the {dede:global_cfg_webname value for /}.


I remember finishing off some Shanghai based dragon Dongdong, time for a long time, can not find. Tidy up again some. (Note: the following text for Baidu) given the majority of small and medium enterprises stations were set up with CMS, and combined with the author. CMS, said a few papers summarized Shanghai Longfeng station.


1, page title


1-a: website title


readers will Lu, so that you can? Yes, it can, as to why, please forgive my thinking, sometimes love is sold under the pot, small guan. On the author’s experience, as this kind of writing has been completely filled with

calls for a small business web site keywords, how to write? Is simple list keywords on the line

I do not recommend the use of

recommends the use of {dede:field. Title /}|{dede:global_cfg_webname /} Shanghai dragon, remember, is {dede:field. Title /} Shanghai dragon instead of {dede:field.title /}


as everyone knows, Baidu to Weight Grey Title often high, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization guide several versions of title, the proposed format also has its own elaborate. However, the experience gives some own views, hope not to have to tile flying miserable bureau.

is positive in title, but the form is more exquisite, like, I want to do a "moving company, Beijing moving company, Beijing Zhongguancun moving company, Beijing moving company, Beijing Zhongguancun moving company

, a Shanghai dragon three elements

: (| Beijing moving company moving company | Beijing Zhongguancun moving company | Beijing moving company telephone | Beijing Zhongguancun moving company telephone)

in the home page keywords stacked form, the reason lies in the stack keywords is not conducive to the user experience, so we want to how to write title pages especially the front page of the title

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