Shanghai dragon seven optimization details on foreign trade station


flow! !Keywords:

this is a very important part of the construction site, is also the Shanghai dragon website optimization of the premise, because we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization objective is to improve the site traffic, and to put these flow into sales, so the customers must determine a good target, the only way to do! Know how to seize the user’s heart, so that through the search engine traffic will come with a higher conversion rate of

to choose carefully

according to the latest news, before the foreign trade are surplus last month deficit for the first time, which greatly stimulate our people’s nerves, in order to solve the problem of the trade deficit, we believe that the webmaster friends will vigorously into the foreign trade type of the site, because it is everywhere in facing the opportunity, after all the developed the national economy began to pick up! Now do foreign trade type of website is a good opportunity! Do foreign trade website, but also need to improve the keywords in the search engine ranking inside, we are going to talk about the type of foreign trade website should do Shanghai dragon

may be there, after all keywords >


five: the website should have independent domain name and server

this is a must, the core keyword is the website operation content, so you do what you should choose what kind of keywords, keywords should be carefully designed to meet the user search habits, you also need to Google keyword search index on the heat, if too high for personal webmaster it is not appropriate to use. If too low, will not give you a website what

Of course, this

: first, clear positioning, fix customers

page keyword distribution optimizationWhen

some people in order to increase the proportion of keywords in the page, add a lot of love called anchor text links on the web page, this approach seems to hide the user does not have what impact, but a lot of influence on the search engine, search engine will greatly increase the workload, so that the search engine is very angry, natural consequences

design is very convenient! will be very serious!

six: the best website domain name can contain the keyword

this is the basic requirement of foreign trade website, while the server is the best choice of foreign space, after all web users are facing lots of foreigners, foreign natural host they visit will be very fast, but the effect is good, can effectively improve the user experience, of course, the domain name should also choose foreign suppliers to website the



four can not be the same font color and background

website optimization, don’t forget to have keywords in the title of the site, and write the title smooth, but not to be able to pile up is simple keywords, but also in the website of the head tags should also put on key words, this is the most basic requirements of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the

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