Teach you how to improve mining long tail keywords ZhengZhan weight

when we set the long tail keywords must focus on their web site subject to write, if pianti, then this site correlation is not very strong, but will disperse your weight, we only put the website weight together to make the ranking rising. Long tail keywords can according to the key words on your own website designated to play ball, completely stand user’s point of view to consider the user can search what words, for those users interested in.

mining long tail keywords, such as grasping from the same industry website keywords, look at those words they do, we put these words all sorted out, such Many a little make a mickle. for each, then we put together key content on the Internet, when put together the content must be careful about the long tail keywords to locate. Don’t run, then there will be no ranking, as long as the content of the article and the article title strong correlation.


page will have the ranking, so be sure to let the search engine included your site in the rankings early, content added, and then use the URL address of the content page included in some more quickly, the weight of relatively high site hair some outside the chain, to attract the spider to crawl the page, and the page included later, if no ranking, do strong correlation between content, the use of other content pages inside nature interspersed with some of the page keywords, links (Note: a new window opens to the page points).

webmaster friends do all walks of life, between industry and industry is different, but in the webmaster website optimization of angle change is somewhat figured out where. So, we now come together with the analysis, first of all I know inside a website is essential to website content, website content is called to fill your website, search engines love original content, copy and paste, is not very suitable for the taste of the search engine. But we all know that a necessary factor in website website ranking good is strong correlation between the content of the entire station.

there is how to find the search volume, and very accurate keywords, you can use the online search engine rankings to the accumulation of long tail keywords, special attention is needed, your keywords written must meet the user search habits, this needs its own station in.

There are many methods for

I am always, today teach you how to excavate the long tail keywords to improve ZhengZhan weight, we all know that the success of a website depends on the site of the long tail keywords, what long tail keywords? Do not know, can go to love Shanghai search, here mainly to teach you some more important.

here we introduce several methods to introduce web mining long tail keywords, long tail keywords innumerable, if accurate, useful long tail must stand in the customer perspective, to consider the user will use what kind of words to search! And to grasp the user’s search habits.

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