How to solve the problem of the targeted web site right down

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, a website:

in Shanghai Longfeng friends, the first thing to go to work every day to open a company after the computer are in the habit of doing may is to check your website, chain and ranking. Every day to check these hand can be achieved through data change and summarizes some love Shanghai law, on the other hand can also take a look at our recent work. Of course, love Shanghai love Shanghai algorithm formula is the core technology company, it is impossible for us to fully understand, so we can only guess about the love of Shanghai law, but cannot grasp the whole love Shanghai algorithm. It is thought that so many ER, Shanghai dragon will be confused in the optimization process, they do not know how to go to Shanghai with love algorithm, do not know what the reason for the site is down right. To solve this problem, we used car network according to their own experience from the station to station two to talk about the cause of the site is down right and the solution of

: the first view the site log, see the spider crawling recently the status code returned is no problem, if the log in the emergence of a large number of error return code that space server is not stable, often let the engine spiders cannot access, in the presence of high frequency words are easy to be regarded as spider unfriendly, too easy to fall right. So many people are said to be in the server space of goods than the three, we find that relatively stable. Of course, if late this instability, we can change the server space.

of course there are other factors.

: back in the second site recently have the title, what did the structure modification and adjustment and the like, "general changes are recorded, we can check from the record, if there is a change, then be right down is normal, for this is not what you want to do, just wait, wait love is Shanghai recognized.

factors causing the station down the right site including site changes, website content and server space of 3 parts, for which we have to do:


finally: check the content of the web site, see what banned words the title, content, this we can through some webmaster tools to detect, if any, should be removed as soon as possible, what if there is no illegal word, let us from the content analysis of the quality of the station, not all content from other sites copy, we know that love Shanghai more and more favored original articles, also very fancy website content quality. If you stand in the above 90% are from other sites to move past, then may be seen as falling in love with the sea garbage station, is down right index is very high. If it is because of this factor caused by the right down, then we can only take a little every day special time to write some fresh content every day, not too much, two or three on the line, persist for a while, I think I can still get love in favour of Shanghai to enhance weight to the.

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