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I’ve talked to friends a lot about this O2O, including we’ve been thinking a lot about choosing this project.

your experience value will also be valuable to other companies you go to. More and more companies are willing to recruit experience with such start-ups. In addition, the present wireless Internet brings more equal opportunities, but also makes the threshold of entrepreneurship is much reduced, on the one hand, the Jingdong such as millet platform, but small companies all have very much money sought after, and indeed perhaps this is a concept of IDG, I understand why it should be more than a dozen walked into the campus, is the old antiques, including me, may not be able to grasp the opportunities of the future.

why do you choose the home massage program?


before we do when we have a group purchase later, considered intelligent hardware development of WiFi devices, also want to do a P2P loan, the research process of this industry that I do not know, but see a very strong chance, but also found that this opportunity does not belong to us, so we often in the business is the choice of the industry, we must follow the relevant must be related to your personal ability, you can fall into a completely new industry, this is a lot of time seems to be the opportunity, but the opportunity does not belong to us, then he should feel thoughtful by many practitioners, many of the original.

I personally is the fourth time the five start, 05 years from now on average every two or three years for one or two items, every business, is developing with my personal experience, ability and project related the whole industry and the Internet closely set in the selection of project time.

is the first point is about the air, I have not graduated from 99 years began to work outside graduated 02 years, has been in the domestic Internet circles, do software, website, SP, games, video, positioning, two-dimensional code, intelligent Home Furnishing etc..

O2O massage is the fire? Even small companies have toilets! Some people say that 2014 is the first year of O2O, then in 2015 the pattern of an initial O2O market and what new opportunities? This sharing, we got the 9 Horse Camp class 2 "Scholar" founder Han Zhiqi as we talk about his eyes O2O massage.

I think I’ve learned a lot since I started twenty years ago. I want to share about why you should join or consider entrepreneurship,

Li Ya: I think students should start as one of the important thinking of the future, while entrepreneurship is a close call things, such as my own business in New York had failed, later sold the furniture company, to donate a few days, the "911 incident" occurred, the office building I don’t exist the. Then I had two entrepreneurial experiences, one in the United States and the beginning of the 4G in 2002, and I thought it was too early. When I came back in 2006, I joined the Phoenix. Then I started doing phoenix.

May 28, 2014, sponsored by IDG capital, the co sponsored IDG campus entrepreneurship competition will be held at University of Science & Technology China at the twelfth station. The campus entrepreneurship competition for all undergraduate and graduate students, designed to tap the campus genius developers and technical geeks. Phoenix ifeng FM chairman and COO Li Ya believes that the experience of failure after success also has very great value, especially in the mobile Internet environment, are provided for each person with equal opportunity. Moreover, for undergraduate students, entrepreneurship is also very suitable, because science and engineering students are more able to create disruptive technology and products.



/ Han Zhiqi,

every time we do, I personally do things in China is more advanced, more popular projects, is actually a good thing is not a good thing, because you do a hot project often means there are a lot of potential risks, there are a lot of this in the market can’t even find a a competitor can not find the experience, so every time I start before we are actually some industry resources to start on.

on the tuyere choice, this year there are many new models, from the beginning and then to P2P, group purchase, intelligent hardware, the O2O now, every industry has a lot of a lot of companies are doing, including our students a lot of people are doing, and do very well.

The following text is

today, when I’m sharing, I’m mainly divided into four big plates, and a little bit of personal insights, I hope to help everyone. Entrepreneurship, 020, how to do promotion?.


Li Ya’s speech excerpts, without my review:

Internet industry or the wind generated a lot of grassroots heroes, like BAT are grass root is born, they think of three, look closer to your most young Chen ou and Yao Jinbo, Li Xiang, may. Looks like nothing special, just like Chen Shengwu said the military and political leaders, rather a kind of peace. Entrepreneurship is not so much sin, it is not easy to be double regulation. Especially now, you say, college graduates, two or three years ago, civil servants are particularly popular, but now the civil service is a high-risk occupation. It’s not so attractive to go abroad now. The average person might not feel that way. Of course, pure research may be very important, but if scientific research can be combined with productivity and business opportunities, even if it contributes to society, it may be greater.

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