How to make the enterprise more effective training in Shanghai Dragon


for Shanghai dragon team, training and experience are very important, especially just contact person. The training is not only to impart knowledge but also to Shanghai dragon, the team more cohesive, of course, the premise is to actively participate in the staff. To mobilize.


first, increase the

interactive link site

search engine principle sounds very boring and difficult to understand, for such knowledge, should be expressed in plain language. For example: love Shanghai how a spider crawling the page, if the entire Internet metaphor of a large spider web spider, which will stay in the node network, which depends on this node. Each node represents a web site, boring knowledge popularization, teacher training requirements have certain eloquence. According to the book to recite knowledge, but he did not really absorb, affirmation is not clear. Some training is just the opposite, must take the simple knowledge of complex.

training course content must have interactive links, can not become a training teacher in one stage. This failure of the Shanghai dragon training a lot, in charge of the following staff on off the reel, play mobile phone dozing. This training course does not mean much, students or employees cannot accept the training of knowledge. Questions should be raised every time, let everyone to benefit by mutual discussion such as how to solve, in order to increase the rate of the page included. Let all the students to participate in training the wrong answers each one airs his own views, even if it does not matter. Positive interaction can mobilize the students.

The new

third, after the training arrangement homework and examination

to accept the new knowledge, if not timely consolidate will be easily forgotten, so after the training should arrange some homework, or after a period of time to arrange a test. For the timely completion of the work, or good examination results, can give appropriate incentives, cash bonus or gift can be. A great Shanghai dragon team, must have the ability to learn, to adapt to the changing of the search engine. As the saying goes: "interest is the best teacher", let newcomers Shanghai dragon new rapid understanding of the industry, and interested in Shanghai dragon technology. On their own initiative to accept and learn Shanghai dragon technology.

for a building near Shanghai dragon team, daily internal training, natural and ultimately, however, there are a lot of new people have little knowledge of the industry. Plus Shanghai Longfeng work boring, new day may be released outside the chain is the most, or write a station to update the products articles. In training time will feel boring, Shanghai Longfeng supervisor or teacher training if can make training courses become more vivid, so the couple will receive knowledge faster. Which is the same as in school, often interesting classroom to attract more students, you can start from the following three aspects:

second, will become easy to understand

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