How to lead spider to new sites included fast

we need to do is to lead spider opportunely home, how can we attract spiders? Of course, the premise is we have updated the original article on the website, is not a simple copy and paste, at least to do false original. If there is no quality content, even if we put the spider go home, also do not have what effect.

I think this topic we will not be unfamiliar, many elder people talk about many times, the author here in order to get a commonplace talk of an old scholar, novice webmaster friends know, remove them some trouble. Everyone should understand their own website if the taste of the kind of half a month has been included in the love of Shanghai, it is worried, but he can do that kind of helpless, but also affects the passion of work every day.

The weight of Three, the search engine

now love Shanghai to review the new period, fast days, wait a month, how to make our new fast included? Based on personal experience to share with you, may I say is not for everyone, but you may still have some help, nonsense not much to say, let us begin.

when the site has some quality content, we can go to the A5, Chinaz, Adsense encyclopedia Forum (zzbaike) and other high weight site to release the soft, attention has certain correlation with these soft the best with the content of the website, if approved, included on your website will have a great help.

four, micro-blog

two, love Shanghai platform


now micro-blog is also very awesome, micro-blog’s users are increasing, we can use micro-blog to help, the premise is that we have a large number of fans, we need to do is to update some funny, or hot news > and

, soft Wen contribute


We often go to the

search engine to search their own website, also can let friends to help search, search much love in Shanghai will automatically extract the search engine keyword thesaurus, but also may show the search for the website included.

love Shanghai platform is very high, but also the spider crawling more active place, here, of course we need to make good use of it. Love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love Post Bar know Shanghai space, the three we can make good use of, I mainly use the first two, after all third still need to love Shanghai included, and the first two love Shanghai will be included in the hurry, love Shanghai know we can ask questions associated with the site, to the respondent we can enlarge the reward points, this will attract more people to answer, finally himself with Ma3 jia3 to answer and the web link, so the effect of the individual test is pretty good. Also, you can use Post Bar love Shanghai, some hot news, attract users to discuss, but they can also use Ma3 jia3 number to top posts.

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