You don’t know the secret of noble baby PR value formula

The correlation between Original what is the significance?

PR: PR (A) = (1-D) + D (PR (T1) + /C (T1)… PR + (TN) /C (TN)) + other parameters

, 3 sites were included "nobility baby number

PR value calculation formula of the first half in this paper do not analysis, we mainly analyze the formula behind the other parameters.

many owners are very concerned about, because we often see some Adsense in question why not included "a class of problems, not to say.

The correct formula of

2 and the content of the website

noble baby PR value what is the formula

This is

noble baby PR value of the other parameters in the formula of

we see some site outside the chain is very small, but the PR value is very high, is that there is a reason. As a part of the calculation formula of the original PR value is ".



error formula: PR (A) = (1-D) + D (PR (T1) + /C (T1)… PR + (TN) /C (TN))

on Google PR (PageRank) proposed by the evaluation of the level of noble baby value, has always been the webmaster friends concern. But for the noble baby PR value formula, many of my friends have some misunderstanding, happy child today for you reveal what you don’t know the noble baby PR value formula.


note that the calculation includes both their website and other factors the parameters in the formula, including the chain site factors, detailed analysis of specific factors please see below:

where D is the damping coefficient is a fixed value of 0.85; while PR (TN) /C (TN) is the number of links to our web page of the PR value divided by the link, also is the weight we often say Links we are to share. From this common error calculation formula, the reason we can easily understand why many webmaster and people exchange Links value only the PR value of the site of the others. However, before the note in the free exchange of friendship in the paper is to introduce, in consideration of the exchange Links website optimization Shanghai Longfeng case, must not fall into this misunderstanding, but should consider more factors, the reason lies in the correct formula of the PR value behind the important parameters.

1, the content of the website

web content theme to focus, so professional, Shanghai dragon optimization class blog, best not to write what entertainment content, this will only reduce the relevance of the website, and ultimately affect the weight of the website! There is a time in the content delivery note that the amount of emphasis on key words.

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