There is no free lunch on the open platform of nofollow know love Shanghai


is very depressed ah! The

so, do it really is not so good to do, just from looking for the chain platform this one, they will need little effort. This simple popular, for the old webmaster is natural but also hope to be able to give a contemptuous disregard, the new Adsense a hint. This paper provided by 贵族宝贝, the Shenzhen andrology hospital starting A5, respect of the fruits of labor, please indicate the source

can be seen, although in Search ask do the quiz links are displayed in the form of hyperlinks, but it does not have the super link chain effect, as we can see from the source code, Search ask of the chain set in the chain jump form, it can be said that a a hyperlink to the construction of the chain that is almost invalid

today view the company’s website love Shanghai related to the domain of time, suddenly saw the promotion ask what I did, a boring under the open page of the source code, suddenly discovered that the love of Shanghai know open platform in reference to all of the web site set up the nofollow, as shown in figure


really, the world is no free lunch, love Shanghai since we know that an open platform provides a very good marketing platform, so set a reference of the nofollow, is excusable, and other places, including questions and answers, can bring a hyperlink, although you can easily with pure text links (pictured in answer), but now many webmaster of pure text links on the sidelines, to enhance the website weight so we in the chain of the pursuit, most are expected to anchor text and hyperlinks, love Shanghai know open platform nofollow, it is so many webmaster

! !

there is a similar situation to Search Ask Search ask, can be said to be the most love an external promotion platform, high weight, included, ranking (or nature is worth but love Shanghai love their products in Shanghai, and know) Soso Ask nor set nofollow, but the outer chain is set the steering, equivalent to its internal links, such as:

some time ago wrote an article "love Shanghai know that the chain of heaven" open platform after submission in search of A5 & Shanghai Longfeng channel page, we elaborated the Shanghai love know open platform combined in the construction of marketing and the chain, and we strongly recommend to the platform to do chain.

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