Tian Wei just eight steps to rapidly improve the success rate of love Shanghai Library Promotion

library is my experience of the 2 months to do library summed up his own experience, and certainly there are many shortcomings, hope master can help me pointing out, let us make progress together. Today to share the experience of high success rate of library. How to make the library success rate high? I robsonak summed up the following supply, we refer to:

glad to meet with you, this is my second time to write a blog, compared to the first time to write a blog, maybe my mistake will be a bit less, why do you say that, because for the first time to write a blog, I don’t know how to write, if write up you will find any mistakes are a lot the visible my carelessness. Of course, now the blog because of my Shanghai Longfeng optimization experience lack, I may mistake or more, so please excuse me Oh, today is to talk about my experience of library.

: the first library Title: compared to a lot of people have such experience, the first library no matter what you do, your library was not successful, why? One reason, no title. A simple example: my first library has experienced such a situation, I have not submitted, I do care, so I take the topic is where what disease treatment is good, which hospital treatment is good, of course, love Shanghai librarian, is advertising, certainly not by. I think I can do first disease, and several times after I passed, slowly level is high, the rate is also high.


second: grade Library: speaking level, of course, cannot do without the first point about the problem, because only through high rate, high level library will, regardless of the level of love Shanghai products, there are certain effect, when the high level, we can add links, and can also display special. Just as I do now basically are connected with the library, because my library of high level, so now the title is not the same as before, when the high level we can according to the patient’s questions to take the title, as I now take are generally questions, pass rate is also very high.

third: there is a relationship between the number of articles. Why do you say that, not a lot of through friends certainly had a similar experience, one of the reasons is that the library did not pass the quality problem, the article actually write very well, but the number is too small, some people might do a page or so, love the sea adminpasswords watching the day will say there is a problem the quality of your article, certainly not say how many words that must be correct, do not determine the number, I personally think that the best Library in 2 to 8 pages, of course, is my personal idea and, from my personal feeling, if I see the word is too short, do not feel better, too long will don’t look down, do not seriously look at, if you do so long in the library, and I am in need, because I did not recognize the library long >

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