The importance of the optimization of the three aspects

let the spider grab focus

user stickiness includes several aspects of content, can also use a lot of data to direct or indirect reaction. For example, the two visit rate, PV page number, residence time, bounce rate and so on, these factors were used as factors of search engines calculate the weights of the web page on the website, keywords ranking will certainly affect. Then is more important, when the station optimization is reasonable, equivalent to the user a very good environment and atmosphere, so that users can easily find the information you need. For example, if we went to a shopping mall, after the inside management is in chaos, so the number will certainly affect our future to go shopping, will have a negative impact on the reputation. The website sometimes is a cumulative process, a user loss today, tomorrow is a Months and years pass by. churn, and will not have a very high user base.

said reasonable station optimization can enhance the long tail traffic? The answer is very simple, because the station optimization reasonable overall enhance the spider crawling speed and depth can also let the search engines crawl to the most important and the most appropriate content, so on the whole, the weight will increase, and increase the weight of the website then, the article page.


enhance the long tail flow

to improve user stickiness

site is a problem we are now more and more a commonplace talk of an old scholar, owners also pay much attention to the station optimization. At the beginning before you update your site content, the construction of external links, do all kinds of external promotion, please stop and look at whether the website has reached a reasonable. The station optimization includes several aspects, such as URL optimization, structure optimization, pictures and text optimization, internal link optimization etc.. Some owners also said that as long as spend more time to make up the external links, even if the site does not do internal optimization does not have much effect, Mai Lisa doesn’t agree with such a view, there are three reasons, there are explained to you.

station optimization reasonable of spider has a very big advantage. Different sites, search engine spiders crawling the breadth and depth are limited, if not the most important content in the front position, so the spider may not capture. Even if not grab grab, also the key content. There is the relationship between each other website forum, how about the link between the home page and section, the article and the article page is what links in the text is always placed on lower right, these are the need to pay attention to. Generally speaking, while guaranteeing the user comfortable browsing to make full use of CSS to text content (especially contains keywords content) on the code up position. When spiders crawl along the code from top to bottom to crawl, so very easy to included keywords. As for the user to see, is still the right position, because the browser will CSS style, and the search engine will not resolve these. My Taobao brush drill platform has been pay attention to this point, try to make the website more better grab.

Internal optimization

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