The search engine for external links to the authority to determine its importance

The main contents include: the analysis of The frequency and the change of


value of the site, will meet the needs of users and users of natural propagation. A web page is more external links, the higher the quality from one side can prove this site. The search engine can be used to be linked to the frequency, number and changes of a more objective evaluation of the quality of its website or web page information.

as a webmaster, and it is made of Shanghai Longfeng promotion webmaster on its website keywords, will know the importance of external links to the Shanghai dragon. But the chain is concerned, it is really no small difficulty, many webmaster has not found the right way to improve this problem. Keywords in Shanghai Longfeng promotion work, I think the most difficult is the site of the external links, the engine will root out of a group of Xindu each search, while external links also involves high quality problems, so always make people feel very headache, but the external links and Shanghai dragon can not get rid of the important work a ring. The Internet itself is composed of various types of web pages, web pages and links between each other by series together, it links the various links between web pages, it objectively reflect the intrinsic relationship between web pages.

a lot of Shanghai dragon tutorial have emphasized the importance of the relationship between external links. The type of site correlation between the external links, occupies a very important position in the search engine optimization in Shanghai dragon. This is the site to get a link is equal to the same industry recognition, search engine with considerable value of such links. Related to the type of external links can be subdivided into: cooperative links, link, related links, advertising links etc.. These and other sites are doing home and the main section of the channel link of higher value. And if the recommended link is directly on the recommended site quality evaluation, the keyword search engine rankings, has excellent promoting effect.

3, external linksThe contents of

is now the mainstream search engine almost all statistics can be very accurate to link the number of websites and web search technology, the number of links can be directly used in retrieval, to judge a website linked to other websites, key words ranking ranking.

1, website links derived and link number

external links and web site outbound links number of links, link type, frequency and change of external links, the relationship between web links.

2, link type

search engine website external links for analysis and statistics, can record and understand the web site and its. The search engine through accurate analysis of external links, the quality can be drawn on the website and web pages, to weight score, and finally give the top.

The number of

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