Analysis of love Shanghai last month Shanghai Longfeng benchmark data

last week, Shanghai dragon data vane

: last week the Shanghai dragon data vane


Hello, I’m Liang Lei, Shanghai dragon vane data are not unfamiliar to us, by analyzing the data of Shanghai dragon vane can be a very good understanding of the recent love Shanghai algorithm roughly dynamic analysis of Shanghai Longfeng data base must be established in a large number of statistical data, so a few sites can not explain what the problem is, if through several site data analysis it is not scientific, scientific data analysis of Shanghai dragon is the Shanghai dragon personnel must learn, I feel now many people do not love Long Fengxin in Shanghai to analyze data, blindly repeated execution cannot do Shanghai dragon, from the beginning of June Shanghai love let us can not calm. The following is the author of the last month, last week, last week the Shanghai dragon data weathervane screenshots, from these data, we can analyze the actual effect of Shanghai love the new algorithm:


can clearly see that this week Shanghai Wu’ai biggest update, which is widely considered the Thursday and Friday update the latest ranking, but a few months don’t love Shanghai love cards according to common sense, compared with last week in Shanghai, you can see the Dragon data benchmark data last week is basically stable, but this phenomenon can be the normal understanding, mainly because last week was 10.1 during the national day, love Shanghai also to leave it, finally the holiday, Shanghai should also love humanity, let the webmaster have a holiday evaluation. We are most worried about the K event has been staged, look at the chart can be found in today’s K station proportion: 0.84%, which means that the 1000 sites in 84 will be K, today’s K station is the largest proportion in this week. Experienced a major update Friday, many stations included are increased, the increase of the ratio is 45.17%.

Figure two: The

is the author of a simple analysis of the data of Shanghai Longfeng vane, certainly the K station has been continued, the author of several client sites are included in the increase of love now Shanghai algorithm is weekly clean out some garbage pages, such as a weight good enterprise station, domain name registration time is a few years, but before because there is no professional management, general such enterprises standing in the company are looking for management, then copy too much industry news, such enterprises included will continue to decline, even after the update soon included, will be removed in one or two weeks. Enterprise update does not need too frequently, keep the rules on the line, the most important is the quality of content, it is necessary to go to us to write product soft, but it is now the most headache thing in front of us, enterprises of all walks of life, soft products difficult to write, so not to enterprises also need to have professional editing or soft.


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