High quality mobile website should pay attention to these 6 questions

4: APP) easy to change after the modification need to upload and wait for the audit, and mobile web as long as the input code adjustment can be changed, in a very short time.

users use mobile devices to open the web page will worry about the traffic consumption, generally believe that the more open flow more time consuming, although this view is not necessarily correct, but if the user clicks on the page after long time not see "will result in the loss of users, so the page is not too large, to reduce the volume of". If you can minimize the use of video and pictures to use more text. The general speed of opening mobile web best not more than 3 seconds, if the time is too long will affect the user’s mood, on the website of the impression to the user, if the bad impression that users see their website even after the probability of "click in will also be greatly reduced, so the pages open speed is a little the user is concerned, must be fast.

app: 2) reduce the access threshold is a need to download, if you have a mobile web, users do not download access.

regardless of the website in a certain period of time will certainly have their own want to focus on the promotion of mobile content, because the interface is limited, can not.

2 user pain points watch, demand

1, focusing on the establishment of mobile web page

4, focus on the promotion of the content must be conspicuous

there are a lot of companies are recruiting to set up app development team, as long as your app online website mobile terminal was completed, in fact, this is not true, "compared to the mobile web app has many advantages: low cost: 1): not specifically looking for team development app, direct mobile adaptation is.

, 3 pages open faster

as the mobile terminal screen Co., have certain limitations and user browsing, this time you will need the content or services more directly, let users see the need to understand a target content, such not only can improve the user experience, but also to increase user stickiness, lay a good foundation for the loyal users. Therefore, we must consider the use of user scenarios when creating a mobile website, can provide fast and efficient service for users, so as to obtain the user’s favor.

Internet traffic began to tilt to the mobile terminal, mobile phone has occupied most of the leisure time, the mobile Internet has become represent the general trend, but there are still many companies and owners do not know mobile website should be built to meet the user’s habits, to get user acceptance, and today this small series according to their own financial work experience to share high quality mobile web site should be how to create.

3) tracking data convenient: mobile app to download statistical sources and channels can not be accurate statistics, and statistical data related to mobile web can very good.

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