Chinese wind Shanghai dragon formula Shanghai dragon = go

high quality articles is a prerequisite for high-quality website. Although the acquisition, software brush and other techniques, there are people who can make good use of the website, make up, but after all, these are stepping on the red line to do love Shanghai. Once the algorithm upgrade, then the possibility of K major. Even if the site is not punished, so the low quality of the article is also unable to retain users, so the light is out of high rate, while complaints from users.

Shanghai dragon linkThe

before no formula contains. Because of the love of spiders in Shanghai in a law website especially. On the one hand, a fixed time every day to update the article, the station number is gradually increased or decreased gradually, so keep on spider friendly (I guess may love Shanghai spider stomach is not very good, so it is only love three meals a day, not overeating); on the other hand, the chain also need to work every day a fixed period of time to do, to develop a regular on site spider crawling rule.


love Shanghai ventilation is often. Sometimes do stand, love Shanghai suddenly give you K home page, ranking drop off. So, in love.


The classic formula

this is similar to the "other" we often say that the "long tail", including the server speed, domain name age, 404 pages. These, alone and compared to the previous three points, as well as the three important; but these aspects, in Shanghai Longfeng work is a key work. Details determine success or failure, only the details of consideration, can prevent the emergence of "a nail to destroy an army" of the tragedy.


W: the

lawThis is : state of mind!

link is divided into inside and outside the chain chain. In order to reduce the complexity and enhance the friendly spider crawling spider, the chain is essential. The chain is not just to see the spider love Shanghai, but also to the viewer in the right place to visit guidance. The role of the chain is not to say, "the chain for emperor" is not covered. After all, if you want to be Gaibangbangzhu, there must be many elders, you can vote for you, is it?


= I go (WLGQ)

Shanghai Dragon (Shanghai dragon Clock= formula C1+L2+K3+O4 = formula), almost do Shanghai Longfeng work friends have heard. Although this formula very vividly demonstrate the five points necessary to Shanghai Longfeng work, but after all, is abroad, a memory is not very convenient for English illiterate, content, link, keywords, others these four words to remember for a long time; on the other hand, mainly foreign counterparts Shanghai Longfeng invention. They are the main battlefield of nobility and domestic main battlefield of Shanghai dragon baby love Shanghai still has the distinction. Therefore, the author today to share a new formula China wind Shanghai Dragon:

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