About two articles 301 and 404 of the post fight

for this station outside the 301 redirect, I feel not what is necessary, and may be counterproductive, which is essentially an occupation morality problem, others don’t reprint your links, or scribble links that is things of others, others are reproduced every day to join you is not to scribble the suffix, spend a lot of energy do 301? This is a mechanism that the noble baby on the 404 that is for the user, when the user input error of URL 404, which is often because the production of URL 404, we only need to do 301, the chain 301 is actually not necessary, we may as well take the time to do the chain.

today in A5 and Shanghai dragon WHY saw two articles in the chain of malicious modification or reprint link link error, the spider can not through its normal access chain caused by the 404 original title as follows, interested friends can look down:

use 301 redirect "on the 404 page" harm his chain

optimization is to consider from the user, but not on

I think the two authors say are reasonable, I am a new, now 404 and 301 is the fur on the understanding, we met this situation should be how to solve? Do we really lack the weight? About 404 error, nobility baby webmaster tools have clear tips:

generally, 404 error does not affect your site’s ranking in the noble baby, so you can safely ignore these errors. For example, if someone wanted to link to your site but the wrong site, then there will be misspelled the legitimate website (such as www.example贵族宝贝/awesome spelled www.example贵族宝贝/awsome). You can use the misspelled URL 301 redirect to the correct URL and obtain the expected flow through the link, rather than return to the 404 error. You can also direct users to 404 pages, that helps them find the desired content, rather than just "404 Not found". However, we recommend that you only in the wrong link can produce higher flow under the condition of the above measures.

"404" by mistake can solve 301 redirect

soft reprint is important, but we also hate others without links or scribble links in reproduced, but consider it from the user’s point of view, a lot of people and not to visit our expected visitors to reach via website reproduced at the link, a lot of the time we just a reprint link a way to increase the chain however, we expected to have little effect, to increase 301 redirection, this is a large part of the search engine to do, for the user has not been fundamentally resolved, unless you do anchor text, but also reduce the website voting.

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