Robin To summarize 15 kinds of methods can be released outside the chain

chain refers to from other websites into their own websites. Link is a very important process for website optimization. The quality of import links directly determine the weight of our website in search engine.

3. Links. Not only is the website and other people do Links. Here the Links platform is placed here, some of the weight Links platform is good, and the platform will be more, released Links information exchange in the above does not need what restrictions, this also requires reasonable utilization.

15 Ways to release the chain

2. classification information. Now the classification of information is a lot, some restrictions, some small restrictions. Light is a registered account may have been a very troublesome thing. So, these things still need to accumulate, to the accumulation of resources, is the main.

above is the concept of the chain, but there is little difference now understanding, which is the search engine included the chain is a chain, can only be included, can be considered a bit of quality chain. So, now a lot of people in the Shanghai dragon in the chain construction, is to find some high weight, included a good site to do. The following Robin do share some ways and methods of the chain.

Shanghai Longfeng circle has been after the chain is, of course, as well as content such as argument, but the content has been discussed by many people, Robin is not to talk about, in fact no matter the king or after the need to guarantee the readability of the content, to ensure the high quality of the chain, so in order to gradually enhance the visitor experience for users, and remember your site, and then to become the core of your users. But these belong to the scope of operation, this is not to say, can only say in those places.


Robin summaryThe

4. blog platform. A lot of portal, or a little more of the website, provide free blogging platform, even some of the platform can also become the news source of love in Shanghai. These blog platforms rely on the weight transfer station, the effect is relatively good. But also can do some related blog marketing.

1. forum platform. The chain BBS platform is divided into two kinds, one is the signature of the chain, is a chain of posts. Now many forums have limited external links appear forum posts, or directly blocked link analysis, even if it is made out of, but also a text. The signature links, although can set the hyperlink, but many forums set requires a certain level or some other restrictions on what, at this time, we need to develop a forum account. In fact, there are many domestic forums, if there is time to do some things to collect resources related industry forum, is able to enhance the depth of the chain.


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