Public comment vs Tintin Network large website optimization comparison

first love by a surface station data,

11600000 -51500000 -7858214-21600000 dianping


domain name age 5 years 6 months and 17 days (founded in November 8, 2005) ddmap

(Shanghai life information, promotional coupons, · · Shanghai map, Shanghai bus, Shanghai subway, car – > d

site location (delicacy, restaurant, group purchase coupons, life – dianping贵族宝贝)

Shanghai Google YAHOO SOSO

in all type of search, navigation type search traffic is the largest, two site navigation search is in love Hokkaido page.




Pr all 7

error: 511358

data gap – March average

-3470000 -2240000 -234370 -6850000 ddmap


included the numberThe chain

March: 365 average flow forecast: IP = 1908000 PV = 12821760 dianping

domain name is 5 months


the current public comment on the opening of the city has 20 sites, Tintin Network opening of the city site 4, from the above data we can see that, at about the same time with the station, to provide local life information service, but because of the data quantity is big, visible comment and Ding Dingwang traffic on the site of the gap is so big.

loves Shanghai: about 8000000, Google is included are: About 40000000,

domain name age 5 years 11 months and 2 days (founded in June 22, 2005) dianping

  1 –

March: 1456 average flow forecast: IP = 486000 PV = 2123820 ddmap


love Shanghai snapshot is updated every day,

site keywords location diagnosisKeywords: Look at the surface of

world rankings are: more than 1091, IP is about 1400000, PV is 1 more than

included the numberThe chain




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