Shanghai dragon ultimate strategy wheel chain station group strategy

know so much, Zhang Fangwen here to tell you this key chain wheel plus station group strategy how to operate, in fact, Zhang Fangwen said in the above picture, some friends may already know how to do. The system I still say it, or an analogy, if we have four forum, respectively (A1 A2 A3 A4), and a blog B1, now we should implement round chain station group strategy, the purpose is to optimize a keyword, then our approach is: A1 link A2 link A3 link A4, A1 A2 and A3 A4 are linked to B1, this way is not all the weight can be transferred to the B1 and A4, and the weight of the weight of the transfer of the blog B1 get up, and then the B1 and A4 links to key words as shown below:

was the first to introduce what is the chain wheel, chain wheel is a plurality of stations a mutually connected end-to-end, forming an annular chain link, for example, I have A, now B, C, D, E 5, I want to do now that we do the chain wheel. Operation? Then we link the A B, B C C D link, link, the D link E, the E A. is this round link chain, but this method started well, after all, is coming from abroad transfer. The power of love is great, recognition of Shanghai or not very good, but with more and more people use later, soon to be seen through search engine. But we also found that this link has been down, if we do not put the last link, is what we said above is not the E link A., if so E station, weight is the highest, this is the key, is also the focus we say today, and a source of inspiration.

said Shanghai dragon, in addition to the complicated chain method to increase website weight optimization keywords, we can at the same time, several are not very effective combined strategy, and then repeated testing, continuous analysis, the final outcome, in the end who sent us together is effective, we have recently found that chain wheel with station group strategy, the effect is very good, this strategy not only the search engine can’t identify your tactics, if your station is so big, even artificial are difficult to detect, following Zhang Fangwen to tell you about Shanghai Longfeng Senior Strategy – round chain station group strategy.

although such links can be search engine recognition, why can identify? Search engines crawl way ah, this is a spider crawling, a link with a link to find it, right? So this trick is easy to identify. Then we can get the complex links between these? Certainly, complex it to several stations in combat, and the more the better, it can only be a station group. So the wheel chain station group strategy


actually do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, step by step.

was born!

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