Some common features of high weight website

?The characteristics of

high weight website


in the free program available, acquisition program is rampant today, maybe some people will say to do a website is simply too easy, is a day on dozens of stations is not difficult, through a program collection site there are a lot of content, but I say this does not improve the website weights. The weight of a web site is a comprehensive quality evaluation is one of the important some original article number, the weight of the original article website is more higher, even if the new station and the old station can compete, if your writing can send many original articles in Shanghai I believe that love is never too much, but do think I write a few original articles and pseudo original articles will also love Shanghai zhaodanquanshou, my experience tells you that it is very dangerous, the result may be you will lose the trust of love Shanghai. Even if the original article will forget love Shanghai. So for the general webmaster, especially the new day 2-3 article original articles, do not act with undue haste, such as weight stable again more not later, I have a standing friend for years now do website PR3, every day will only write 3 original articles, the so-called Dajiangshan easy Jiangshan difficult ah.

two, and the original content and published daily articles.

a number of the chain, and high quality Links.

The number of

believes that the new owners do each station are hoping their standing in as long as the love of Shanghai and Google and other search engines to enter the website name immediately to search, want to update your own website snapshot every day, and hope that their articles published included, in fact the only high weight website to do what the station is high weight website

of course website weight level and station time is usually the site for a long time, the old power station.

site for a long time, the station program stability.

love for Shanghai, as long as the love of Shanghai entering the URL of the website you can search 9 pages, standing there are dozens of pages or even hundreds of pages, in addition to the first page, the other is the chain chain the more you stand, you stand the exposure rate is high, entrance of the spider of course, the more weight is high. Come back to check some of the new page, only a few papers, because the number of some new Adsense tend to only the value of content, regardless of the number of the chain, or do not pay attention to learning website optimization knowledge is Shanghai dragon; for Google, the chain of so-called more is to look at your Links. As long as you enter the link: site in Google, you can find the number of your chain, I remember several web sites, just included when the weight is very high, the content included is quite much, but after a period of time, will not find them, some people will say like a long time now, in fact, in the past more than a year, some people are still not what color, and I put in a station to station network and several PR2 website link exchange after second days, the keywords to Google home page, visible friendship chain The importance of.

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