How to carry out self diagnosis website ranking fell

suddenly one day, the website ranking dropped substantially, you want to take a look at the chain there is no problem what. Or increase, or significantly reduce, or junk the chain too much, will cause the website is greatly reduced, even drop right phenomenon.

Shanghai dragon

everyone knows the site title for Shanghai dragon optimization is very important, frequent changes, will pay more attention to the search engine on the web, once the improper operation, right down, K station is inevitable. This is the website structure, not to cannot but do not move it easily.


why is Shanghai dragon " Daniel " are given the answer, and finally the result is not the same? "He believes that there are two reasons: 1, you don’t know " " Daniel; 2, Daniel does not understand your website! The first reason to ignore it, you all know! Directly into the second reasons: Shanghai dragon website optimization there are many factors involved, at the time of diagnosis, Daniel may because of the time, and can not find the site problems, only in the conventional problems for your diagnosis, of course not necessarily wrong, but because the site of many problems and solve the problem is not very thorough, so it is difficult to enhance the quality of Web site rankings.

has no idea can make their own diagnosis website? Of course!

Third, the chain

server second,

website optimization, many people will encounter the website ranking is stagnant or a slight decline in the situation. Some people choose to do, some people choose to give up. Choose to stick with friends, will find the answer on the web, or find Daniel " " to discuss the solution, of course, may you succeed, you may fail.


Links for the website ranking promotion, it is beneficial to ensure. Good Links, it can not only enhance the ranking, can also help improve site weight. Note that, should always check the Links situation, once Links >

sixth, Links

fifth, the site within

white hat Shanghai dragon has been search engine optimization method, if you use a black hat Shanghai dragon, please don’t wonder why " – " ranking disappeared; because of this, everything is normal.

optimization method

keep your normal access, is the most basic elements of the website optimization. If the spider crawling on the site, SERVER ERROR tips, apparently for the site of the friendly spider will be greatly reduced.

site structure has the physical and logical structure of two parts. The structure of the website in determining the page importance, plays a role of pipe.

first, the website structure

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