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station will focus on the construction of the external links, all external links can increase the weight of the website. But for the new station, this is not a wise choice, after all, the main task is not included with the number of new sites, but the content of construction and the long tail of its own, because with the increase of the weights of the website, only a lot of content and appropriate long tail keywords to bring flow, if only to do outside the chain and the core word attention. Then the development will be the site to the bottleneck. Below we analyze from two aspects and their thoughts.

second, the long tail keywords can bring to the site directional flow, is our goal. The website is to flow after all, the chain is also for this purpose, no other traffic is impossible. And the long tail keywords is a bridge, the bridge to link users and web sites. Sometimes the core keywords though popular, but not necessarily to guide the formation of. Many large site traffic statistics can be seen, there are even more than 60% of the flow from the long tail word, so that the work becomes more and more important.

site less the chain, accumulation of key words (including the long tail word) is very important, is the absolute of website development to a certain time. The new focus on the construction of the chain but why not to do keywords (especially long tail)? Here we summarize the three most important reason, hope that after reading can inspire:

First, When do you usually The importance of

is a keyword mining is a lot of work, so must be allocated to the enough time to finish. You can imagine, any industry, any breakdown of the field, if you go to the mining, it can tap into very many words. After all, users search more randomness, user number is huge. Therefore, this work is very large, it is a meaningful and challenging work.

pre accumulated keywords

do the final purpose of external links is to increase website weight, so as to get more traffic, but traffic is the carrier of content and long tail. For the new website, the core is the expansion and mining a large number of long tail. At first you will feel website weight is very low, want to have good rankings so we must increase the weight of the website, so it must increase the number of external links. Thus began a large and professional construction of the chain, and in the process of the construction of the chain, due to the resource and technology constraints, do is the low quality of the external links, which help to the site is not too big, but also spend a lot of time, in addition, spend so much the ultimate goal is still time to get more traffic, therefore, a good idea is not to spend too much time to do outside the chain, but focused on the selection of key words, especially the long tail word selection. Below will tell you emphatically the significance of this place.

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