How to correctly implement the keywords ranking promotion skills

keywords ranking to improve skills in some experience of some place we often ignore the write hope to help the novice webmaster, this article by 贵族宝贝himusic.5d6d贵族宝贝

second; original and regular update, every day is the best; the original content of the best, if not do not release was reproduced N articles, and a regular update we often ignore always have time to update;

: the first focuses on the content page keywords, which is related with ZhengZhan theme; we often do not pay attention to where you are, such as the Shanghai dragon blog, then send some articles in the daily diet your keywords ranking must not high;

fourth, import links naturally increased; many of the old owners may not make a mistake, but new Adsense tend to make mistakes, often prompted by a sudden impulse time send a link to 180, usually lazy is not made

: content quality and update frequency of

;Link to

website optimization has been a long time, I believe that many webmaster like me were removed from the A5, Shanghai dragon why when webmaster website, do not know whether we know Shanghai dragon why has a very famous essay called ascension 28 skills of keywords ranking, this should be the only teacher to write, and the bottom there is a saying master above your keywords ranking skills will be significantly improved. I think the trick is in is too important to have written very sharply, I believe that if the webmaster can carry each skill, so I believe you will like the end of the same language keywords, keywords ranking will be significantly improved. Here I will talk about some of our usual is not some skill execution:

: outbound links and anchor text

in contributions! The above is my The relevant page of

first, the anchor text should be diversified, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shanghai dragon dragon;

About About

believe this is most of the owners are most concerned about the issue, because many webmaster every day is very hard to release the chain but the result is not ideal which is what causes it, I analyze several techniques You’ll see.:

second, the content of import links, this is also a lot of webmaster friends do not pay attention, they often go to high weight webmaster forum links, and they are doing such as games, such as irrelevant, links high weight is certainly not wrong, but if not related to what the effect will be greatly reduced

third, import links page is less than 100; and as you recently a lot of rain in Shanghai Longfeng do Links, while its home had up to more than 400 links like site navigation home page more this is not suitable for the.

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