Love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm would rather kill one thousand did not miss a

The starting point of For the recent Shanghai

love the search algorithm upgrade (Scindapsus algorithm), in which personal views about the algorithm after the upgrade experience.

love of Shanghai is very good, the healthy development of the Internet market influence the spread of the link, as the nation’s largest search engine has the responsibility and obligation to do so, but China website so much, love Shanghai unable to determine whether a site health, so to love Shanghai "would rather kill one thousand, not let a" attitude, causing a lot of innocent innocent love Shanghai station is right down, also led to many websites "overnight".

360 search has already accounted for about 13% of the search market share, in order to calculate this growth rate, 360 chairman said that in 2015 to account for 20% of market share to advance a lot, first, 360 search massive and loyal users, with internet security is becoming more and more serious, 360 security guards follow become necessary software installed on the other hand, more and more negative is the love of Shanghai, once the state issued policy specification search engines love Shanghai inevitable price straight down, because the 80% income income as can be imagined, love Shanghai, love Shanghai can be said by advertising, in addition to advertising basically no other source of profit, not to love the Shanghai Philharmonic live? Q money is good. Iqiyi? Youku potatoes are losing money, not to mention you with singular love. PPC itself is caused by an unfair competition, also matchmaking liar, policy specification is imperative.

development of a country cannot do without the development of science and technology, an enterprise also cannot do without technology, or even a person also cannot do without technology, in China, love Shanghai has been promoting the user experience, but while ignoring the user experience and wantonly soliciting advertising, and advertising quality can be used 360 Chairman said "is that the poles and the toilet advertising", once this love Shanghai is also CCTV criticism for 6 days, but love Shanghai but still go its own way, because the love of Shanghai’s revenue from advertising auction of more than 80%, so to love Shanghai shelf bidding advertisement. With the popularization of computer, many in the rural areas have not used computer based access to the Internet or rarely know love Shanghai, but there are many people who love Shanghai due to force small is cheated of money lost their lives, this is not groundless, but the media did not report, because your news website 90% flow from you love Shanghai, love Shanghai love Shanghai reported negative news is sure to pinch your flow, make your site lost love Shanghai need only a few minutes in the search engine, this is the love of Shanghai has the right.


love Shanghai algorithm upgrade has been It is often seen. but this time is abnormal, even harsh, stir in the industry 6.8 is also slightly lower than the love Shanghai for this upgrade algorithm named "green" algorithm of visible meaning of love Shanghai encyclopedia, the Scindapsus algorithm mainly link flood hit, but influential web sites do not seem to suffer too much influence this time, Ali slightly, good networking links directly with gross altitude intermediary.

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