Key phrases if you have love in Shanghai guide to optimize the operation


2, website construction is a part of the longest, is also the most important, but here I only explain three individuals that are particularly general.

love Shanghai Optimization Guide 2 has made a total of 5 chapters and 12 sections, the content is not much, but if you follow operation? Even if the love Shanghai optimization guidelines have not read it, what do you love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon? Has been ranked not ask who you do not thoroughly understand. An explanation here for individual items, the hope can help to guide and some do not want to see the new Adsense rankings.

1, the website domain name and space for.


When interpreting the

is a new station and Shanghai dragon consciousness webmaster must pay attention to this point, each page’s background is very important. Similarly, a website advantage is also very important, such as: stability, the domain name space. If you have a website after the operation of Shanghai dragon, it should use other methods to make up, such as CDN acceleration, DNS optimization. Here a little advice, use their love Shanghai products will have an absolute advantage, but considering the love is not too mature Haiyun acceleration, may be appropriate to consider the free version.

this sentence I made an explanation, the search engine is just an ordinary visitor on the site is accurate, if starting from Shanghai dragon point of view, we can think that the search engine spider is just an ordinary visitor on our website. So from this sentence as the center, we can say that each one through the search engine search, search engine is the customer, say so, the search engine has the obligation or necessary to think good things to recommend to customers, to prevent customers use other search engines. So we say today is around this center point, explain every detail optimization guide in 2.

optimization guide, we look at the one, the most important points are summarized the guidelines: "search engine is just a common site visitors on the site, on the way to grab the site / page value judgment, are also from the user’s point of view, any improvement of user experience that is to improve the search engine. Optimization of search engines, but also will benefit users."

it should be noted that, why? Because we often add a large picture in the home carousel, is often used in FLASH, in fact here to explain that CSS can do the same, why do you use FLASH? FLASH because the machine is not readable, search engines can not read the important information. Here I also found a problem, if you use a FLASH carousel, digital navigation outside of FLASH appeared to be in the accounting and the reference value of the keywords, great importance. So it is not reasonable. The picture is to join the ALT and the best location, while FLASH lost this opportunity. From the simulation of the spider crawling can.

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