Website home page by solution after K

1, revised home page title.

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as shown below, I stop in November 17, 2010 without a snapshot, by K from the beginning of November 20th -11 30 months, December 1st began to love Shanghai and Google returned to normal, other search engines may have to wait two days, I can’t wait to share with you some successful experience, well, not much nonsense here I will talk about. The specific scheme is during K.


had increased Links (before is not very normal, and then have the effect).

2, revised description: description.

method: input into the search engine, site: home address. As to love Shanghai after the input site:www.***.net if your home is not the first page (such as the Sogou not out of home, love out of Shanghai is home).

Sogou search engine K off my home page:

, ha ha!

4, through the webmaster tools 贵族宝贝mytool.chinaz贵族宝贝/ view server IP IP found that frequent changes often change history.

5, there may be optimal transitional phenomenon, because I put a lot of key words in the bottom of the page.

often have some new owners appear by K home page, content page contains a normal situation, mostly because of excessive optimization, there are many online solutions, today I will use examples to tell you about my station by solution after K, I hope you can help to the new owners.

love Shanghai after the resumption of the home icon:

method two: use the home station Webmaster Tools: 贵族宝贝mytool.chinaz贵族宝贝/, real time to check whether the home page snapshot, the first time I found the home page is K is to use the tool to view the. This tool is very powerful, not to say the details by K based on the home page, so here only to show this content, other functions we can enter the site to explore.


well, explain the station was below K, the station from the beginning of September submitted to the search engine, from submission to indexed by K has been very normal. But in the K process, I made the following operation, if your site is done so please continue to look down, if not this is the case please skip this paper, speak only in such a situation, no other experience is not good to explain



first we try to understand how to view your website home page is K:


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