The new road links to the K station after the storm Neiwaijianxiu crossbar

station in the construction of the chain link strategy

website internal links, is to choose the appropriate site links to an antidote against the disease. The station link is not easy to go wrong, so only need to pay attention to improve the quality of internal links. The station is to pay attention to the link optimization design, page structure and station link strategy once identified is not easy to change, so must be careful the strategy design and consideration. At the beginning of time to grasp the key link structure, navigation, column page, list page, content page links layout. When the Shanghai dragon website development to a certain extent, we can also take insert links in the content, which is convenient for network spider crawling. The station link strategy generally small sites can adopt flat link structure, which helps the network spiders crawl, crawl web content. For example, some of the blog log. As for the large website we generally recommend using a tree link structure model. For example, often see social networks, forums, such as renren贵族宝贝, happy net this kind of website.

before the site is K, low quality is a very important factor is the link. So the links cannot be meaningless to do pile up in the station link at the same time, external links construction should also be carried out simultaneously, and can not care for this and lose that The loss outweighs the gain. In Shanghai dragon construction site to attention when the station outside the station and the dual optimization. In the Internet, external links more "Internet blood" of the title, if no link was not connected, and limited internal links, requires more sites and other resources to complement each other, so it is very necessary to link outside the station. The strategy focus is to do the chain construction strategy, we should actively develop the chain of customers, access to other sites in Shanghai Longfeng ER trust, told each other website search engine worth included or to attract users access, so as to guide the network spider crawling. So we can pass.

to broaden their horizons, broaden the

, do not fight the battle unprepared. Every ER in Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon website at the beginning will do a more detailed Shanghai Longfeng strategies, including page layout, keyword optimization, search engine optimization, website optimization and so on. However, the Shanghai dragon link plays a very important role for search engine optimization, do a Shanghai dragon link can be said to be two pronged strategy, is a win-win strategy for the whole Shanghai dragon website ranking is also has a certain impact. But the love sea station K events, let the chain of Shanghai dragon ER is on a state of extreme nervousness. So, in such circumstances, how do the Shanghai dragon link strategy? In general, Shanghai dragon links strategy is divided into two parts, respectively is the internal links strategy and external links strategy. As long as we Neiwaijianxiu, vertical and horizontal joint, to stand outside the station and the whole link strategy, Shanghai dragon links strategy will be better.

station link an antidote against the disease, the strategy forIt is important to The so-called

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