Site optimization really is the essence of Shanghai dragon ideas and thinking

third, how much is not the core of the chain is the key to do. I hope you don’t get, say to do a spam chain which is called the construction of the chain, this is bad, such as blogs, forum, blog links and other low-level hard put ordinary thinking, this is not I want to talk about today, I believe that the chain is one of the website weight impact indicators, we to rush the quality to do rather three days without nor to the number of spam, high weight platform is usually we want to attack positions, such as a large flow of soft Wen webmaster platform, for the industry classification information platform, and their related Links mutual aid, to establish their own independent blog third party the blog is suitable is the construction of the chain channels, chain in nature, as long as the master.

first, Shanghai dragon means great difference in different industries. We know that the real optimization, not to one or more specific word ranking in skill level, because we know that the degree of competition in different industries, industry needs are different, different website form such as medical websites and more loopholes site enterprises don’t is a weight class, so optimization means is certainly different, for small and medium-sized enterprises may only need a week or a month to calculate the amount of updates, but information site may need a lot of updates every day, so the optimization of different industries we should formulate different optimization strategies, and not others, others also imitate the Meng and others desperately the chain also follow, to compare and analyze the optimization strategy of Shanghai dragon of their own development process.


we know, with the love of Shanghai website optimization is not calm, a lot of the time we optimize the staff also become impetuous, is the most obvious manifestation of love Shanghai update, we continue to doubt their ability in optimization or optimization technology, most of the time this worry is unnecessary, as long as we grasp the optimization the principle and direction, adhere to the common sense of attitude, this is enough, we don’t talk about technology only talk about thinking today, why should set up the idea and thought of Shanghai Longfeng

second, in order to enhance the conversion or optimization of some long tail word. Website optimization no master hand, the author thinks that the right is the key, a powerful Er will be subject to the optimization of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai home but the transaction transformation is not ideal, rather than a general technique of Shanghai dragon Er will be some large volume of long tail words do home to reality, he can bring order ah, the boss is important interests, as long as you are concerned, taking him by surprise, still can get large orders from the Internet, only have the order, the boss will pay for your pay. Instead of others, others also do I optimize this popular word, big difficulty, competition is not that big, if there are problems on optimizing transaction transformation, and not lose the wife of another soldier, the The loss outweighs the gain. So the words for the fierce competition in the industry, how can we develop, find a suitable strategy and optimization technique is more important than the popular word optimization.

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