The guest Taobao is facing a crisis

for Taobao customers a single product promotion, many people choose to do long tail keywords, lock the target user, do directional flow, a small website can create a good income. But the competition is becoming more intense and long tail keywords is bare hot, especially the high commission items (such as weight loss, breast enhancement, beauty etc.) has been intense competition.

I think most of this article is in the Tao do it, if you do not read this meaningful Taobao customers to promote, as for how to optimize the website content, website optimization, website interface response speed also has nothing to do with this article. This paper want to Amoy and his comrades to do an exchange, right and wrong webmasters want scouring off criticism, because Taobao guest website user experience is facing a crisis.

I think I should write here I want to express the content clearly, do not know if you read no, I really.


if the search engine appears not users want results (for example, he just want to know what the current weight loss products, search results before 20 pages and page 30 seemed to be full of uniform "list"), then the user will do next? According to this idea is going to be shot, search the engine bring bad experiences, the direct result is: the user from the suspect to abandon the search engine search engine. This is from the user’s point of view this problem. If we stand in the search engine’s point of view to look at this issue, the results seem to be making more, I think the search engine can not willing to do a free "shopping guide", but not stupid enough to abandon it and other users, but this can act as shots do what I want to do a lot of Amoy webmaster experience once (refuse or reduce included on Taobao off site).

seems to do a single product promotion Taobao customer website "XX list of the most popular, then today take the" list "that. Some people may say that "XX conversion list" was the highest, the overwhelming list of Taobao is full of all kinds of guest website, no matter what kind of users to search the long tail keywords are related to the "XX" list is filled with a large number of search results page, it can be said that Taobao in search engine platform is in the first charge fruitful.

said that the guest has three lives, but left out of the user again have what meaning. Quoted a senior said "do is to stop the end user to read", the only way I think Taobao guest self-help is to enhance the user experience, increase user and search engine on the web of trust and friendly.

if this is the user want results, then different rankings, he should believe what one? Or which one do not believe? This is the most direct result of reducing the user trust in Taobao off site, reduce the conversion rate, Taobao guest website revenue can be imagined. Recently, many owners complained that the Amoy off income is more and more low, I think there should be a reason for this.

however, this presentation of search results for users of

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