The electronic commerce website 9 optimization methods for inventory

Descriptive title

write 5 to 8 words per page content. The title should be concise "and" these important words. To explain this page, what is the most important content of the website. The page title will appear in the search results page link, so you can write a provocative, to attract the search click on the link. At the same time in the home page content to write your name and your most important keywords, and can’t just write the company name. Each page of the website should have page for the title.

four, to ensure that in your text first appear keywords

to the site of the most important keywords in major search engine ranking leader, this is the most important search engine promotion strategy. Search robot search engine will automatically search the web content, so from the beginning of the web search engine strategies optimization.

framework in the web pages, but the search engine is a serious problem. Even in the search engine to find you

five, the navigation design easy to be a search engine

two, add descriptive META tags

, add a page title

In addition to the

three, in bold text page, the title of the article is also fill in your keywords

how to increase website traffic? Here is what you can consider to use 9 methods. Among them, you may have adopted some, you may forget some methods to use, there is something you have never heard of. In short, we sums up for you to present a variety of effective website promotion method. The first thing you have to understand, website promotion is a long-term and systematic process, need to develop clear goals and plans, and prepare accordingly.

page title, many search engines will search to the META tags. This is a descriptive text. Describe the web page text content, keyword sentence will contain this page to use the phrase, etc.. At present, the keyword META tags have little help rankings, but sometimes META tags would be used to pay landing technology. But who knows what the search engines will pay attention to it again?

search engine hope your keywords found in the first paragraph, but not too much with keywords. The noble baby will probably full text every 100 words appear 1.5 to 2 words as the best keyword density, can get good rankings. The other can consider to place keywords in the code can place ALT or COMMEET tags. If you can not guarantee the first words, can consider to save some measures, such as web pages to add a comment.

search engine is very important to bold text, think this is the content of this page is important. Therefore, to ensure that in one or two a bold text label to write your keywords. To avoid the important title to make the form of the picture, not the whole home page make it a picture.

Some people use the

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