Shanghai is not all about love snapshot grab case analysis


summary of the above two points, the author believes that as long as the user experience is good, the loading speed, the content of the website, the original degree is high, in fact, not all snapshot shows the optimized layout does not affect the site’s ranking and keywords. Love of Shanghai has not fully displayed, the author thinks that love Shanghai because of a proposed idea, proposed small and medium-sized webmaster website home page try not to be too large, because of the small and medium-sized webmaster itself does not have strong server diversion technology, when the page is too large, it will affect the speed of loading.

in the above problems, many owners have been very clear, but many owners of the most tangled problems, don’t know more than love Shanghai snapshot showed incomplete problems will affect the layout of the site keywords ranking and

Figure two:



Question: The

Figure three: Sohu snapshot

two, love Shanghai search engine optimization guide has clearly pointed out that the proposed site is not too large, the effect of loading speed, but does not explicitly limit the maximum number of K said.



Figure 1: Figure four: home page snapshot


love Shanghai to the portal site’s home page snapshot long-standing capture failure problem, photo card:

site snapshot live through the above three major portals and the author found that love Shanghai only grabbed about 120-130K data, more miserable is Sina snapshot of the blank directly.

, a search engine product comparison analysis: in fact, we can compare it to other search engines, other domestic search engine such as 360, Sogou, soso snapshots don’t like this problem; and love Shanghai as a domestic search giant, incomplete snapshot grab this technique can eliminate the problem.

Sina snapshot

site, www.114nba贵族宝贝 is not fully grasp snapshot (such as figure four above), but did not affect the ranking of the site keywords. Hope the above views are still entangled in love to Shanghai not all snapshot grab a friend some help.

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