Shanghai Longfeng ranked a lot of people are wrong password

cannot modify the Title New Online frequent, the next crawl that modify the title of the site, will bring bad effects. The spider will task in this site is not a good word, revising the title of K station is unavoidable. The title is not too long, the weight of the website (the search engine’s weight, the weight of the non third party) is the key to increasing, the weight of each keyword is less. The ranking will be worse, do not suggest that the title is too long, is not conducive to ranking.

site title directly determines the quality of the site after you, if you need to change to pay a heavy price, need a recovery period of two months, and will reduce the number of site traffic. Love Shanghai search engine for your title recognition, even if you do not fill in on you to optimize the word later you show some words in the title of the best optimization, is a great significance of the title, but also reflects the business.

website describes the interpretation of the title, if is the enterprise stand it embodies the enterprise product business and enterprise culture, the advantage of the enterprise, as long as it is with others description >

home page to select one of their love of the industry, whether mechanical or industry products, if there are side resources. As the best, even the clothing and shoes industry line. Daily necessities can also sell products, the operation method involves Taobao customer website, if the enterprise product station would do better. With the people you know or nearby enterprises earn commission website, choose the best selection of贵族宝贝, a domain name for one year only tens of dollars, for now the price level of consumption consumption, my junior high school has its own website. As long as you are willing to do what is not possible, you can apply for a domain name in the network and can apply for the new network.


is a software development background, after graduation, after three or four years of study and summary, learning exchanges Shanghai dragon circle plus, sometimes in some well-known operation line exchange. Have seen some famous company bosses and Internet Co executives, they are sharing some things on the website management, but also the beginning to understand that many.

, a website industry positioning and domain name


two, the title of the site

three, the description of the website

on the network of interest is beginning to lift hackers and cyber attacks on things from junior high school, so I chose the development of software industry, graduation found site operation and management of the Internet is the purpose of my development, now it slowly began learning website operation and network marketing and operational aspects of new media something. Now the money is through the site optimization and site operators to make money, skills and methods to optimize the site also found in the money on the way, in fact do optimization is to analysis and detail on the thing to do is qualified.


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