Technical problems with production site 301 redirect

we are looking back, look at www and WWW without alternate ranking phenomenon. In the eyes of the search engines, with or without WWW, in fact is different. The same page content. It is easy to distinguish in our eyes, like the two ID card, ID card number is not the same. However, the search engine is based on the link to judge page generation. When we are in the process of optimization, because the site operation is not standard, in the love of Shanghai periodic law adjustment, love Shanghai or the high value of the general weight adjustment to the front page of search results. This web site is not standardized, resulting in the eyes of the search engines, there are two different sites. The home side. It is easy to explain why Tracy said at the beginning of the situation.

this year in the new company, began to accept the company’s website. On site diagnostic process, found the ranking appeared with WWW and without www ranking alternate situation. After asking other colleagues of the company, found a very obvious problem is the company website www and WWW without the analytical colleagues. And do a 301 redirect problem. And before the link strategy, key chain strategy to WWW, why would this happen. In fact, this website in the optimization process, no 301 redirect relationship.

how to avoid as much as possible does not appear to happen, this is Xiao Bian today to say, in fact, this problem is still the topic of the production site sing the same old song, 301 redirect the page weight assigned to a link above as far as possible. For example, we can use 301 redirect to bring a WWW site with WWW site directed to the above, this tells the search engine, our website is only one page, the search engine will be the home page weight to a URL above all. Do site standardization in the rankings and content for the website are favorable.

web site operators and owners, will have their own independent space, so in the construction site, can obtain all access to the website. The website in black and revision process, can be their own hands. This is to ensure that the benefits of ownership for the host station. >

Shanghai Longfeng How to make the site 301

ER all know that the site in the optimization process, the weight occupied the first place, this is because we put the main keywords and Links and anti chain on the home page of the. Love in Shanghai will be regularly updated, ranking fluctuations, such fluctuations or in the main keywords ranking. Love Shanghai algorithm based on the user experience and the weight value of the high page as early as possible. This phenomenon is mainly manifested in the home page, the inside pages due to the weight and link strategy compared to many small home, leading to the inside pages of fluctuations is very small. Unless Shanghai love a big update, appear within the page ranking change.

1 (VPS), based on the virtual host and server, windou server for

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