The differences in the way of highlighting the value of the site to obtain higher click

1, users click on your website

2, our website compared with their peers

Through the above

financial software most are charged, and the software is a free trial of financial software, but in the use of the time there is a limit to the user, but we love Shanghai from the drop-down box, users of free financial software. The following figure

Site Title Value Orientation need understanding of this industry, and combining the advantage of enterprises themselves to develop, don >

value positioning strategy, core value to highlight the others do not. No, but we have to meet the needs of users, the site also highlights the theme must be true, and not to deceive users, some owners in order to attract users to click, so exaggerated the value of the site, it is not a long way.

case 1: love Shanghai search: " financial software "

what is the value orientation? We can actually understand hit your site for the user why, rather than a competitor’s site? Why most users will point to your website? This is your value, and the value orientation of a website is very difficult, many owners can not clear the value of the site itself, or for the understanding of the industry is not deep enough, it will lead to difficult to give a positive solution to the value orientation. Before we make the value orientation, ask yourself two questions:

free, public welfare, the time limit of preferential activities are the value of the site, that is to say our website can provide users with free, public welfare, the value of the time limit of preferential activities of these users what they need.

Title Value Orientation

1, user needs to show the contents of the value of our

how to practice the website

what is the difference?The value orientation of

as the saying goes: "the wrong work" this sentence we all understand. We do Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the same, is also very important in the value orientation on the title. Because it has a direct impact on the users of your site, but also the users of our website is one of the standard satisfaction evaluation. So the next time the Henan Shanghai dragon guide you cite a few examples to illustrate the importance of value orientation.

2, through differentiated way to highlight the value of our

love Shanghai drop-down box we can see users for financial software free are in demand, so if we in the title of the site and free of these two words that will make our website to increase a lot in Shanghai Love Click, website weight also ranked up closer to the top.



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