Share methods site keywords and Shanghai Longfeng beginners

then to see how the degree of competition in size:

I am a Shanghai dragon beginner, recently in the study on the YY of a related key words how to choose courses, feeling very helpful for their decision, summed up and some is a novice, at the same time on the choice of words is also very vague friends share together, we hope to be able to help.

5. competitors website data: here to focus on the way, like the 4 above mentioned, if the home page number ranking, the degree of competition that is not the word, to look at these sites to some specific data.

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love Shanghai number: the greater the number of the results, that the degree of competition is also bigger. The following W as the unit to tell you. 50W said 100W is less competitive, small to medium, 300W medium, 500W is high, 1000W and said to very high, of course this is just to give you a reference value. The competition results is small we do a simple love, station optimization and the chain link, might get a good ranking, but the show is not high, because the word itself is not what people are searching. Do the competition degree should also consider the index and the comprehensive strength of competitors, as described below.

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how to find some keywords, which can pick out the right keywords we do in these words:

1.: love Shanghai drop-down box input in Shanghai love the search box, drop-down box will appear, then we will be.

love Shanghai bidding result number is to see how many words in the bidding. The higher the price competition that is greater, because only the high commercial value of words will have to bid.

love Shanghai index: popular point, search volume index of Shanghai love is the word for a period of time a day on average, the index is higher the greater the degree of competition. The number of units make us more intuitive understanding. The 50 that the degree of competition, 100 said small, 200 said medium, 500 said, 800 and said to very high.

through the above methods, we can probably know exactly where we should choose which words to do, the "economy", select the end of keywords, we need to do is to determine the core keywords. To remove the index low, no value, big competition.

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first, we want to know, when we choose the keywords. Don’t choose the competitive level is very low and very low degree of competition, may simply does not have the word what people search, and high and may compete, to choose the proper degree of competition.

page ranking in the search box input: love Shanghai to check words, analysis of the search results before three pages, see the website page keywords ranking, page ranking number more, said the smaller the degree of competition.

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