Do Shanghai dragon will also be what optimization

and regularly report to the boss a good effect, can also be in paper, the ranking results show, try.

talked about Shanghai dragon we will think of optimization keywords and the hair of the chain, a site of the Shanghai dragon is not to go all the way to the site keywords to do the first thing, as long as you have enough strength enough, you will be a good Shanghai dragon, but to do the Shanghai Dragon in an enterprise, these are enough? Website every detail is in accordance with the standard of Shanghai Longfeng do? Shanghai dragon boss does not know how to do? Can not improve the website ranking in a short period of time how to do? I think so many problems, is a work in Shanghai dragon can face to you, is how to solve it, here I share some of the work experience, want to do a good job in Shanghai but also in the enterprise the dragon.

to write a document, not to say to write text, but to write periodic summary report on the document and the next phase of the work plan documents, why

in addition to communicate with the boss, and will each department colleagues have related work involved, must be patient to listen, because they are not Shanghai Longfeng, they will think this site do not change, so to colleagues and have a good communication.

Two, learn to communicate ? documents

: Shanghai dragon keyword ranking is a long process, you may spend a month to do rankings, but not necessarily in the rankings this month have improved significantly, and the love of Shanghai algorithm in constant change, let the boss know that you have a plan and arrangement of people, although the results now see, the boss see you seriously, will also feel happy. At the same time, in the writing stage of the summary report on the document, as much as possible to improve the website optimization trend charts, let the boss know, through optimization, site slowly improved. In the next phase of the work plan document, to give a rough time, write the cause, show their determination. These two documents can let the boss know what the bottom of my heart, every day in the Shanghai dragon, and can deepen the understanding of Shanghai dragon boss, is shooting two birds with one stone.

for example: Recently I worked on Chinese lottery net "SMG" of the word, the need for a long time, but the boss is that such a long time not to ascend, you have no ability, so I checked the statistical tools, there are a lot of news pages found SMG related page ranking. So, I will tell the boss of Shanghai dragon’s effect is very obvious, there are many related content pages are ranked, indicating the site of the weight of ascension. Something like this, as he must have a heart of Shanghai, with a statistical effect. When the boss asked, can speak out. Let the boss know Shanghai Longfeng works.

, learn to write

is the enterprise that the employees learn to communicate to some occupation literacy. But for Shanghai dragon is not only to speak, but also to the skills of speaking.

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