Love is no longer easily conjecture Shanghai reform arrangements


most people are using this method, if you love Shanghai don’t know it, that he is not mixed, so, to fight in this way for love Shanghai ranked Shanghai dragon, it must be to reduce the impact of this algorithm, and use a more reliable method to test the correctness of the keywords ranking Click: user experience. Although I think this is not reliable, but also a little progress.


love since Shanghai does not accept the arrangement, it must through certain technical means to confirm each page really meaningful for a keyword, our home in addition to the word first appeared in the description, does not appear in the title, and the product is the title yet completely matching words, description >

this is the changes of these days:

This is a


index for 487 keywords in the home 2 of the station ranking, a is the site of the home page, is a related product page:

keyword strategy, the ground source heat pump is arranged in the front page, so we see the Links can be found, there are many anti chain is the word of GSHP do, and the chain anchor text and a very small amount of chain text is do home page, the product page is almost didn’t do optimization of the word love, but why Shanghai is not willing to accept my arrangement?


and then to the 2 page today also row in Shanghai love home, the representation of a mark is related to product page, the above is the eighth.

conjecture through this site keywords ranking fluctuation analysis out, though a bit mean out make groundless accusations, but the look is good, look at today’s keywords "ground source heat pump" ranking:

believe that Shanghai dragon will know the anchor text might want a page to enhance a keyword ranking, the quantity and quality of the anchor text is indispensable, but numerous facts have proved that it is also very effective, the importance of Links which, at the same time the use of strategies (including internal anchor text the chain and the chain), is also planning an important means of ranking station page layout, keyword distribution we tend to do to a different page, and then unified planning for their use in the anchor text inside and outside the station.


after a period of time to love the Shanghai earthquake, people know that love should be Shanghai is adjusting its ranking strategy, but the strategy of Shanghai love has always been veiled, that is too profound to be understood, the crackdown on spam site, but the fact is that there are still a lot of garbage sites occupied some word SERP, in love Shanghai unrest, if we can grasp the love of Shanghai ahead of the new strategy, will be able to take the opportunity to opponents behind.

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