Through Chinese joined the network to explore how to improve the enterprise station experience


is recommended to join the brand down, looking for Western-style food join users, choose a good brand may be better profit. In the column below the title is the recommended brand, then offers to join, it is also of interest to the user, can get preferential better than nothing. On the right is the monthly ranking, the user can use this information to understand what the most popular monthly brand to join, and is a selective reference. At the right end of the title bar also provides Western-style food to join the project search list of links, the list page allows users to query all the brand items, one by one to understand. Some users do not love website recommended, that will allow users to quickly find their own.



below the main navigation, the right to join a project are focused library search, which, according to industry classification, the amount of investment, such as search keywords search conditions, convenient for users to quickly find their interest to join the project. In the following there is a project which is to join the cost of navigation, selection, brand choice and popular search area, is also very convenient for users to find segments. For users, to a website that is to learn more and join information by searching the view according to their own requirements. This section has been done, the left is the relevant information, is on the right side of the search area, is completely in line with the user’s psychology.


a chance in Shanghai to join the search of love, know Chinese join network. A recent Western-style food website hopes Shanghai to join the dragon and the way can not only make the search engine marketing can enhance the user experience to strengthen. Then again in search of love Shanghai Western-style food join, the station’s two level domain name still ranked first, it had to take a close look at the. By querying the webmaster statistics that the station flow at about 100 thousand every day, if not a good standing, would have been abandoned by the user. The door like this apartment layout website, user experience doing is in place, there must be something we can learn.


at home, roughly divided into five major blocks. In order to join the brand focus, recommendation, thematic activities, join area, famous brand etc.. From the color point of view, mainly in blue color, fresh and elegant. Highlight text with bold red, very eye-catching. Of course, different regions are interspersed with corporate advertising can attract users attention. The head of navigation plays an outline role, can make the different needs of users to join the industry open fast search. While the main navigation of the page is very simple, a list of six columns in the bottom area of the franchise; prompt recommended to join channel, then on the right is given were broadcast, and rolling display.


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