How to seek the methods to solve the offbeat website ranking is not stable phenomenon


Of course, the new

website also is not to save the striking one snag after another, the most important is to look at the save method, and for most of the new station just grabbed its website content fresh, link driven, user support, your site can be rescued from an abyss, following detailed talk about the new how to save the site.

new content fresh, love Shanghai will certainly grab

A part of

website ranking twists because the site itself is new sites, new website in the early stage because the content of the website construction more perfect, the procedure is relatively simple, easy to grasp the spider love Shanghai, can get the search engines at the line on the site a few days time, this will let the webmaster feel the website also more other old site has the same love Shanghai recognized, in fact love Shanghai is not recognized on your website but that your site is a new site to give your website a chance. If you don’t catch the sea love give you the opportunity, then the website ranking will be striking one snag after another.

the following talk about the Internet website how to deal with setbacks from several twists and turns of website experience, how to help the owners to resolve the problem solutions through the website so as to offbeat, emergence of power.

first class: the web site is new sites, with twists and turns to secure

for a new web site, the construction of the link must not act with undue haste, as I did last month to a new site, the new site’s ranking in just 7 days, up to fifth home, a few days later dropped to the second page, this time I do not need to spend. 100 yuan of money quietly to find a high quality links, such as two days to return to the site’s ranking.

The new

link building to secure, love Shanghai naturally recognized

web site for search engines crawl is due to the content of the cause, so if our new website ranking declined, this time also don’t worry, I tell you a website search tips: some keywords in Shanghai love search engine news, you will see a lot of news articles, and we in this article the valuable content of center of rewriting and independent creation, upload it to your site, so love Shanghai think that your site has recognized the value, will give you the website gradually recover from the depths of the rankings, of course this is not enough, we should use the drive link move on site.

most Adsense must have experienced web experience today perhaps striking one snag after another, the site is still ranked after a few pages, entered the Shanghai tomorrow love home, but in a few days the website ranking suddenly lost, these experiences let many webmaster do feel helpless, the real for a webmaster friends website optimization problems experience is not a bad thing, as long as the accurate solution, to resolve the problem, then we will be very smooth experience of the site.

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